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Does anyone know of a list of magic items that grant feats?

I'm playing a monk, but I don't wnat him to be too gear heavy. I'd like to have more feats instead of gear. If there are any magic items which grant feats, that'd be just as good.

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No, there aren't really that I know of, partly because feats are very powerful. Here's a mostly 3.5 list:

Alertness (Ioun Stone (Dark Blue Rhomboid), 10k, DMG)
Aquatic Shot: Pearl Trident (Stormwrack)
Blind-Fight (Corsair's Eyepatch, 3k, MIC) "grants you the benefit of the Blind-Fight feat for 1 min." Usable 3/day, Swift (also grants See Invisibility).
Cleave: Rankbreaker Glaive (Arms and Equipment Guide)
Combat Reflexes (Serpent Armour, 12k, MIC)
Empowered Turning (Greater Holy Symbol, )
Extra Music (Songblade, 6,400gp, CV) Only when wielded and only 1 extra bardic music/day
Extra Slot (Pearl of Power, Lvl*Lvl*1,000, DMG)
Extra Slot (Momento Magicka, Lvl*Lvl*1,500, MIC)
Extra Spell (Runestaffs (various), Varies, MIC) Generally only x/day
Extra Slot/Spell (Wands and Staffs, Varies, Everywhere) Normally 50 charges, not permanent
Extra Stunning (Monk's Belt, 13k, DMG) Only 1 extra stunning attack/day
Extra Turning (Nightstick, 7,500, LM)
Extra Turning (Reliquary Holy Symbol, 1000, MIC) Number of extra turn attempts given varies
Extra Turning: Sword of the Glorious Pearl (Stormwrack)
Far Shot (Helm of the Hunter (Array of the Manticore), 9k, MIC) "grants you... the benefits of the Far Shot feat"
Far Shot (Horizon Goggles, 8k, CM)
Great Fortitude (Belt of Endurance, 10k, A&E)
Improved Initiative (Bracers of the Blinding Strike, 102k, MoF)
Improved Initiative (Dragonfly Medallion, 29760 GP, A&EG p. 131)
Improved Disarm: Quarterstaff of Battle. Disarm " if you have the Improved Disarm feat" (Magic of Faerun)
Improved Trip: Staff of Mighty Sweeping (Magic of Faerun)
Improved Unarmed Strike (Bracers of Striking, 1,310gp, MoF) Upgradable as a double weapon
Improved Unarmed Strike (Ring of Might, 4000 GP, MoF p. 146)
Improved Unarmed Strike and Improved Natural Attack (Unarmed Strike (Fanged Ring, 10k, Dragon Magic 101) The INA only works if you're a monk or already have a natural attack (see post 26)
Improved Sunder (Sundering weapon enhancement, +1, MIC)
Improved Sunder (Dragonfang Gauntlets, 8,610gp, MIC) 3 attacks/day
Metamagic Spell Trigger (Metamagic Wandgrip, 6k, CM)
Mobility (Mobility armor enhancement, +1, MIC)
Mounted Combat/Ride by Attack (Battle Bridal, 9k, MIC) Only when mounted
Precise Shot (Precise ranged weapon property, +1, MIC)
Precise Shot: Rod of Magical Precision, 12,000gp. Complete Mage pg 128.
Quickdraw (Eager weapon enhancement, +1, MIC)
Quickdraw Crystal: 300g, Magic Item Compendium.
Ride by Attack (Riding Boots, 12k, MIC) Only when mounted
Run (Panther Mask (Gharyn's Monastic Array), 2,700, MIC) "provides you the benefits of the Run feat"
(Sudden) Metamagic feats (Metamagic rods, varies, DMG and MIC) 3/day, doesn't change spell level
Spell Penetration (Third Eye Penetrate, 8k, MIC)
Sudden Extend (Aquamarine of Spell Extending, 3,700gp, PGtF)
Track and Scent (Headband of Pursuit, 15k, Secrets of Sarlona)
Track (Mask of the Tiger (Garb of the Hunting Cat), 4k, MIC) "grants you the benefits of the Track feat"
2WF/Improved 2WF (Gloves of the Balanced Hand, 8k, MIC)
Weapon Prof: Bows (Bracers of Archery Lesser or Greater, 5/ or 25k, DMG)
Up the Walls: Nimblestep (Lost Empires of Faerun).
Whirlwind Attack (Whirling weapon enhancement, +1, MIC)

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The obvious exceptions being all metamagic rods, but those don't really apply to this case.

I thought of creating something like a "record of ancient wisdom" (a misc item) which a character can activate with ki expenditure to grant a feat.

But, I wanted to see if something already existed which met the need.

Yeah, the Paizo team has avoided handing out feats or class features as items which was a common facet of 3.5.

There are some, but not many.

Claxon wrote:

Yeah, the Paizo team has avoided handing out feats or class features as items which was a common facet of 3.5.

There are some, but not many.

There's actually several feats which grant class features, though.

Talk with your GM about it , in the end what he says goes anyway.

In one of the tables im playing the GM gave us:

+3 perception
Grant Feat: Point Blank Shot
If the char got Point Blank Shot, Grant Feat: Precise Shot

Got this level 4 , sold it , now we are level 6 , no other feat equip till now , but maybe more will come , maybe not , nobody cares much heh.

Blind Man's Fold grants the Improved Blind-Fight feat, but also blinds you.
Gloves of Arrow Snaring (sort of) grant the Snatch Arrows feat.
Righteous Fist Amulet (sort of) grants the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.
Vambraces of Defense (sort of) grant the Deflect Arrows feat.
Dark Blue Rhomboid Ioun Stone grants the Alertness feat.
Scarlet and Green Cabochon Ioun Stone grants the Endurance feat.

Several Ioun stone + Wayfinder combos: deep red sphere (Improved Unarmed Strike), incandescent blue sphere (Blind-Fight), opalescent white pyramid (Weapon Focus)

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