Quick point buy question.

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One of my players is starting with a 4 in a score due to his race and the young template (which I ok'd). He then says he wants to buy back up to 7 using the points he has.

How many points would it cost to get a score from 4 up to 7 using the point buy system?


Try that: do the point buy from the start, and apply modifiers after the point buy.

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You haven't provided enough information. Lets assume the stat is Strength and the character is a young (-4 Str) Halfling (-2 Str).

Young Creature: Ability Scores –4 Strength, –4 Con, +4 size bonus to Dex.

Remove the young template and the racial modifier from the current stat (4 + 4 + 2 = 10).
Adjust the base ability score up 3 (3 buy points to go from 10 to 13).
Re-add the young template and racial modifiers (13 - 4 - 2 = 7).

Blackstorm wrote:
Try that: do the point buy from the start, and apply modifiers after the point buy.

That is exactly the correct way to do it. Following that method will leave you with 4 less points to spend, which is the buy down from 10 to 7

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As racial adjustments (and presumably templates) are applied after generating ability scores it would cost 3 points to raise that stat to 13; then once you apply the -6 from race and young he'll have the 7 he wants.

See the second line in Generating Ability Scores in the PRD section for Ability scores.

Yea, I borked my perception check on the young template.

Alright, figured out with your help and a friends help. Thanks everyone.

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