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I'm wondering if anyone has statted out the kingdoms of golarion (either published or not) using the kingdom rules in kingmaker, in ultimate campaign, or ultimate campaign+rulership.

I would like to see stats for Cheliax, and Andoran, etc. In theory, if players raise a competing kingdom, they could end up warring them, or trying to manipulate them, so stats for the golarion nations would be helpful/cool.

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This is a damn good question, Darkholme! I'm a newbie to the Kingdom rules, but I'd like to see someone's take on this.

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Would love to see this - but at the same time, each new sourcebook ends up changing and/or adding to this.

They are a tad too big for kingdoms statblocks (most are larger than 200 hexes), it would be much better to create smaller statblocks for all the regions and counties in a single country.

Without tables saying what can be found on every town and city, it is difficult to measure a kingdom's stats, most of it comes from the buildings and terrain enhancements.

Unless, of course, we build first city by city, assuming they have a population and the important buildings listed somewhere, make up buildings to mock their settlement stats and population, and finally add them all together.
There would be a need to place a bunch of enhancements here and there, and create as many farms as necessary to supply the population.

That's an idea for a product line if ever there was one!

My friend built a county in Cheliax for a campaign he was running where we were playing during the death of Aroden, and he commented on how putting everything a city would need to, you know, actually be a city, would put the wealth high above anything displayed in the lore

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