Can I buy pregenerated spellbooks in PFS games?

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Specifically, I want to purchase The Book of the Grave and Grandfather's Legacy for my necromancer. I've seen posts about buying spells and spellbooks, but none so specific to address these preconstructed ones from Ultimate Magic.

Also, is it presumed that most spells of legal source and moderate level are available in major cities like Absalom for purchase at 1.5x standard scribing cost?

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What does the Additional Resources page say about the availability of those items?

Having trouble finding that bit, but I remember reading something about it (when I was looking for something else...)

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To answer the OPs second question. You can access any PFS legal spell between scenarios to add to your spellbook. You simply have to pay for access, as well as scribing costs, per the guidelines in the Core Rulebook.

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I don't see that any items from Ultimate Magic are legal for purchase, so I think you are out of luck regarding those two books.

Could you direct me to this list?

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Sure. It's at the bottom of the Additional Resources page.

Found it. Damn it! Trying to revive my necromancer character for PFS and parry the nerf bat is proving nigh impossible... So, am I right in thinking I can just buy all the spells individually at 1.5 x the inscription cost?

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FAQ says:
Can I scribe spells from another PC's spellbook into my own? What about gaining spells via scrolls found during an adventure?

Players are welcome to exchange spells with each other during an adventure. They must still follow all the normal rules as put forth in the Core Rulebook and their class descriptions (for instance, an alchemist can scribe from a wizard, but not vice-versa) and they must not bog the session down.

Similarly, scrolls found during an adventure can be used to add spells to spellbooks and similar class features (such as a witch's familiar), using the normal rules for doing so. Scrolls used in this way during an adventure do not need to be purchased, but are still consumed as normal.

With either method, the GM should sign off on the spells gained (after witnessing successful skill checks) on affected players' chronicle sheets. All other methods of gaining new spells (such as by gaining a level or purchasing access to an NPC's spellbook) function as described in the Core Rulebook and relevant class descriptions.

In the rare instance of a wizard charging a fee for the privilege of copying spells from their spellbooks, this fee is equal to half the cost to write the spell into a spellbook (see Writing a New Spell into a Spellbook). Rare and unique spells do not change the fee in PFS.

Note that said "Rare instance" is now pretty much the most common instance: PFS wizards actually benefit from being part of an enormous collective the way wizards would in the word.

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