Can a player replay an event?

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I recently played the Siege of Diamond City for lvl1-2. I was wondering since each tier is different. Would I be able to play this event again when my character is high enough for a different tier?

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Once you have played it you treat it no different to a Scenario. It essentially is a scenario.

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Yes, you may play it again, but NOT FOR CREDIT. :( Meaning, you would not get a chronicle for it. And you would need to inform the GM that you had played it before. And she would have the right to ask you to not play it again, especially if doing so meant someone else could play it.

That is all the bad news.

The good news is that you may GM it and apply the chronicle to another character. Further good news is that if you GM 10 times, you will earn a star. That star will give you the right to replay FOR CREDIT one scenario of your choice. :)

Edit: just realized that we were talking about a Special. Ignore my advice about GMing this scenario, everything else applies. ;)

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For every star you earn as a GM, Casien, you can re-play an adventure for credit. (With a different character.)

And, although it doesn't apply in this case, we can replay adventures that can only be played by level 1 (or level 1and 2) characters. (With different level-one characters.)

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Fox, Specials may be run by anyone. The limitation is that they require a certain number of tables to run them. Exclusives are the scenarios that require a 4-star GM, VO, or Paizo staff to run.

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