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Has anyone here run/played in a game that hit the Vault Keeper's deepest layers in Orv? Has anyone learned Orvian as a language?

Did you discover/fight Intellect Devowers, Aboleths, and the other nightmares of the Vaults?

It seems a rahter unexplored area. (With the exception of the Black Desert getting fleshed out recently.)

Froghemoth says what?

Dot for later.

EDIT: not because I have, but because I want to follow this conversation.

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See that's the catch Everyone sees the T-Rex vs Froghemoth pic...and then what? I'd really love to see the Golarion team flesh out Orv more. I mean..the Vault Keepers built mini WORLDS down there. Hollow Earth kinda stuff full of aberations, creatures from Leng, suggoths, etc. It's asking for some serious exploration.

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There's a mini-gazetteer of the Land of Black Blood in Pathfinder #18. And of course, the section dedicated to Orv in Into the Darklands.

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Well, it would be nice to see an AP go there, or at least a module.

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What, like Second Darkness? Or more than just Part 6 of the AP?

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Way more than just Part 6. You have to understand. I'm playing in a post 3.5 group (and personally I don't want to worry about converting material). Second Darkness is in that never-never land of Fluff Only books I haven't bothered with.

Yeah, I'd like to see an entire Darklands AP at some point; really delving into the depths. Some more insights into what, precisely, the Black Blood is (on this and other worlds) and if it has ties to the Dominion of the Black.

Probably something that would involve the Vault Builders and the Vault Keepers. Given that, it could even extend beyond Golarion, to the Darklands of Tian Xia and even Apostae!

Orv looks SUPER MEGA ULTRA cool.

Sadly, though, I have never played in a game there. If anyone wants to start one via some online means, I would most certainly be interested...

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There was some talk at the Emerald Spire seminar at GenCon that the final (James Jacobs) level of the spire will shed some light on mysteries of Orv and the Vault Keepers/Builders.

That's all I got, but figured you'd want to know.


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For inspiration, read Lovecraft's "revision" of Zealia Bishop's The Mound. It's pretty obvious that was much of the inspiration for the Darklands.

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And of course, Dream-quest.

You can't forget Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Lost World, etc. either.

Have you read Pathfinder Tales, Called to Darkness? Half of it is in...

Orv, Deep Tolguth

I had an adventure that took place in Orv at the giant underground sea, but I didn't flesh things out very much. Basically, the PCs were on the surface and got attacked by a kraken, ship got wrecked, they wake up underground imprisoned by a crazy aboleth cultist. They escape, find the only way out is to take a boat out over the sunless sea. I had a bunch of encounters planned, but the first one they ran into was a... damn. Not a marraenoloth, but the PF version. Thanadaemon. Anyway, he offered to ferry them back to the surface for some payment, and they took it (because players are dumb). But there was another part about a radioactive island inhabited by urdefhan that never got encountered.

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