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Hi all, since City of Heroes shut down last year there have been a number of fan-based projects working towards making a successor to the game. One of them City of Titans has made a Kickstarter project. As an old fan of City of Heroes it looks like a lot of fun to me so I'm hoping that it does well. But even beyond my interest in the game I like that the fans of CoH are making such progress towards getting back a game.

Check it out if you were a fan or just like superheroes!

Thanks for the heads up on this.

No worries, happy to get the word out. I've already been annoying my friends by sending them all the link. :D

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One day in and already almost 150k? Nice, i see a lot of stretch goals being accomplished for this. Considering it has 32 days to run.

looks pretty impressive. Hopefully I have some spare cash to put towards this.

And funded and working through stretch goals now. Huzzah!

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Glad to hear that they're doing this - it was the one that started as the Phoenix Project, right? As a COH fan, I wish them the best of luck and hope this is awesomely successful.

Wasn't there another volunteer/indie project also trying to build a COH type game that was advancing along? Heroes and Villains I think; they seem to have a lot of detail, but very little in terms of graphics material by comparison on their website.

This is indeed the project formerly known as The Phoenix Project, and Heroes and Villains was an offshoot from that group. There's also now Valliance Online. The last one came up the most recently, but was from an existing indie group who decided to have a crack at making a successor. I haven't been following too closely, but they already have an alpha build I gather.

Between the three of them I'm pretty hopeful we'll at least get something like CoH in the next couple of years, though I'd miss the CoH lore it's still pretty exciting.

And the Kickstarter is now over. Roll on 2015!

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