Kingdom of Aeternum and the UnNamed Company- Terms of Alliance

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Honestly the spirit of the arrangement in terms of dissolution is simple. If UNC is providing more detriment than they are benefits once the game launches, dissolution might be in order.

If Pax is instituting restrictions to the degree that UNC finds terms unacceptable, dissolution might be in order.

We have ironed out what we thought as reasonable, with terms for revision and dissolution in case mechanics or relationships change. We have openly shared such information as it has become available in an effort to maintain a meta honesty / integrity.

If either of us dissolve terms, it will be because one side feels the arrangement is no longer beneficial. It will not be because of outside entities tying us down to legalities.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

As a policy the UNC will state, there will always be the possibility of an extreme case exception.

The Empire will handle these cases on a case by case basis. They could result in a dissolution of the Terms of Alliance with UNC or they could result in the UNC getting a bonus from the Imperial coffers. Time will tell.

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As a general note both on this and other threads

The empire is doing the community the courtesy of telling you what our plans are in fairly straight forward terms on any number of issues. A good example of this is the discussion on the other thread about not allowing foreign nationals to be vigilantes in our lands.

This folks is a courtesy. We are being open and honest and saying this is what we intend to do. This is a lot more than you are getting from most groups on the forums.

We are putting it out there to inform you we are not however putting it out there so you can nit pick the details, we will freely clarify our position if you are finding it is not as clear as we believe we have stated it but we are not going to change it because some people do not like the stance we have taken nor are we going to be anything other than amused by people trying to be rules lawyers down the line and quoting back something we said on the forum and claiming we haven't fulfilled the letter of it.

Empire policies will be decided between the people of the empire full stop

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The clarification I got on this issue has been satisfactory. My confusion resulted from false assumptions about what cases had been discussed and agreed already. I apologize for extrapolating so far beyond the actual data.

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