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I've been thinking about the world of the Dead. I've had ideas inspired by 80's cyberpunk horror movies where the dead find a way to control and infect the living with necroic magic turning them into a new walking plage of servants.

Case in point, how would the Undead Masters of Eox reach Golarion. They're pretty powerful seeing as how they redirected the Star Titant away from their world. I've been debating that they might have an existing portal near the Crown of the World, much like the Thinkers have one in the Jungles to south.

I know dropping one of the masters of Eox directly into a game would be chaos, and I'd much rather slowly introduce them to the players. Rather their minions, their plagues, and strange creations start the invasion (incursion).

But have you used the masters of Eox? How would you handle them?


Me, I'd say that a Bone Sage has a massive ship in orbit around the planet, and he starts dropping stuff from it that the PCs run into. It's undead, but unlike anything else they've ever encountered. That introduces the mood of "alien horrors." Eventually, the PCs figure out that these things are coming from space. Then they have to figure out that they're coming from an orbiting ship. Then they have to figure out a way to get to that ship (that could be quite an adventure), then they have to go up there and fight their way through the ship as a high-level dungeon.

That's how I would structure such a campaign.

You could put a portal anywhere that's convenient for your campaign. It might be very old and the master forgot about it, or it might be newly opened with exploring things coming through.

Or you could have a raiding ship land and attack the area. When the PCs defeat it, they can figure out how to activate it, but without the right spells, the autopilot only takes them back to the master's lab on Eox...

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Hmm. I like the idea of a Bone Sage's ship as dungeon. Maybe the players don't even know they are in orbit! Maybe they walk through a gate and explore it with the Sage studying them. To test just how dangerous the locals are.

Or maybe the ship has landed somewhere and they think its a castle... Until they push the big red button and it takes off...


I like the challenge of figuring out that there's something in orbit, and how to get to it -- not easy to do with pre-modern technology, or even with the standard spells in Pathfinder!

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True enough, but I really enjoyed FF1's old Sky Castle. When you looked out the was all stars! Or in Phantasy Star when you find the ship.

Find the...oh. HO HO! *light bulb*

*runs off to raid the Phantasy Star 2 plot*

I'm seeing big, schizo-tech stargate like portals. The bad-guys use them to communicate with their servants on Golarion and can occaisionally send troops and equipment through.

@Trinite - A lot of scrying spells have ranges on the order of miles. Assuming a starship is following anything remotely like the laws of physics a stable low golarion orbit would only be a couple of miles up, well within the range of some kinds of scrying. You'd have to know to look up, though.

Oh, hey - Undead capsule troopers that launch from an orbital dropship in pods of flesh, bone, and keratin. The pod disintegrates into a disgusting pile of flesh as it enters the atmosphere, ultimately depositing some kind of undead critter right on to the battlefield. Zombie 'nids!

During this summer I did a campaign named "Song of a distant star" which was heavily oriented to planetary romance themes with some cosmic horror and space opera.
The campaign started in the Halls of the Living, the PCs were kidnapped from Golarion and they found themselves forced to participate into gladiatorial combats for the entertainment of an eoxian warlord which wasn't a bonesage but a very unique graveknight (inspired in an artifact from aD&D known as the Mighty Servant of Leuk-O, so basically a haunted high-tech power armor). After managing to succeed in a plan for escape with the help of a voidship captain, the party started a trip trough the solar system for go back home, chased by this graveknight and his minions.
I basically described the halls of the livings as a mix of Heidi Prime, the Vault cities from Logan's run and the art from an 80s heavy metal band album cover: A decayed reminder of a noble and very advanced civilization now turn into just a junk yard in which scared creatures try to survive while they are observed by distant undead intellectuals.

Shattered Star:Asylum Stone actually has a Bone Sage in it.
Okay, technically it is a clone of a Bone Sage who can't go back to Eox & whose originator may very well be long dead(er)...

but he still is one & might make an interesting 'first-contact' so-to-speak.

IIRC from Lost Kingdoms (I think that is the name), There are people trying to open up a portal to Eox in the Sodden Lands.

Asylum Stone also describes Eoxian spaceships (IIRC, something akin to a fiery comet), so they definitely have/had some means of interspatial transport, aside from just powerful teleport magic and the like.

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MMCJawa wrote:
IIRC from Lost Kingdoms (I think that is the name), There are people trying to open up a portal to Eox in the Sodden Lands.

Noted. I'll nab those.

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