Corruption and Nepotism


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Greetings fellow brothers and sisters of Andoran,

My name is Samuel Revell, I am originally from Galt and now 'ply my trade' as a Pathfinder in the Pathfinder Society.

Recently I received a Missive from Major Colson Maldris, a man all of you should know and may of indeed met at points in the past. Whilst I spend little time in my adopted home, I was surprised to learn that elements of corruption and nepotism now fester within the wings of liberty.

One thing that has always separated my place of birth to my adopted homeland was that one stumbled from crisis to crisis of its own making to a country which was able to deal with any crisis through the strength of its people. I have learned that some people in Andoran thing that the right to lead is their right alone and not to be shared or passed on.

Indeed some people in power now bring their fellow family in on the deal, creating worthless positions and titles.

I did not leave Galt to end up in Taldor. We must stop this notion of entitlement here and now before things deteriorate. Do not doubt that Cheliax smiles at our corruption and that there are those who would see us fall.

This is perhaps my longest ever letter and it will be my last, for I do not see a need to ever repeat what I have said here.

Servant to the Eagle,

Knight Captain,
Samuel Revell

This thread addresses that

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(That thread addresses the perceived virtues of Colson Maldris) and not particularly the new Season 5 goals of corruption within the Andoran political system)

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Did we not have a revolution to throw off the unwanted yokes of Kings and tyrants? Is the Major appointing family, or is some other member of the "People's Council" appointing family? Andoran does not need to suffer from a new Aristocarcy.

Andoran should rethink some of her political appointees. Alexander Bedard should be sent back to the shipyards, a job in which he most certainly excelled.

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It seems to be the same sad story. The rich only want to line their pockets and to hell with anything else. I buy myself a few nice things, but the majority of my funds have gone to help "the greater good".

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It is not Colson that I am worried about, at the moment. Right after I received my knighthood within the Eagle Knight order I attended a dinner party with a senator of our nation. He informed me it was his right to rule over the citizens of Andoran.

Needless to say, I removed my glove and slapped him in his bloated face, denouncing him as the very trash the our nation was built to remove from power. Colson was as disturbed by this politician's pronouncement as I was.

Things are rotten back home and I fear the time is upon us that we will be forced to defend our nation from those who would do it grievous harm whether they are within or without.

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I must admit, since joining to society some years ago I've seen blessed little of our great homeland, so I can't myself speak to how dire the situation really is. That said, I can't say that I ever placed all that much faith in the People's Council, or the Supreme Elect for that matter. It's in the People that I trust, and if the governments gone rotten it the People who are going to have to do something about it.

Now, I'll certainly pitch in as I can, but ultimately I think that saving the homeland isn't up to you or me or the Major or anyone in the Society. If Andoran needs rescuing, it's those who walk her roads, tend her fields, and labor in her forests that'll have to do it.

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