October 2013 - Month of Miniature KS's


So it seems this month there is a glut of different KS's starting and finishing. All of them vying for our precious money.

It seems many companies have finished 1 or more and are now simultaneously releasing another.

Firstly Oathsworn Miniatures are finishing their current project. Focussed mainly around halflings with some monsters, dwarves as well.

Centre Stage Miniatures, are doing their Tome of Horrors 2. Licensed by Frog God Games, this is a line of monsters based upon the aforementioned books.

Stonehaven Miniatures after the success of their dwarf KS & the gnomes KS which has just been fulfilled

For all those brony's (& general collectors) out there, Pewter Ponies a set of mini's depicting ponies, unicorns, pegasi and much more.

Mantic Games are releasing their new 'Mars Attacks' game, though that might not be this month.

And of course there's the big boy Reaper, who'll be looking to follow up on the record-breaking line.

So, know of any others? What are your thoughts? The saturation of the market a good or bad thing?

Choice is always a good thing.

For example the only thing that I'm personally going to fund on that list is the Reaper Kickstarter. I dont care about anything else on that list. But that doesnt mean that someone else does and that's great.

Other peoples choices aint all about me.

True, Oathsworn has some of the best communication, response and information (like showing all the stages of the mini creation progress). However it's also not the best value.

Whilst Reaper has potentially the best value, but due to the nature of that scale their communication and transparency was comparatively lacking.

I'm in on the Bones II KS and Stonehaven's Elves when that shows up.
I like some of the Oathsworn minis, but with limited funds I'll have to stick with the other two. The good thing about kickstarters is that, hopefully, the minis will be available afterwards too, although not always at the same advantageous price. So in the coming months I might take another look at the Oathsworn minis... although I also have to get some of the Stonehaven Dwarves... and the Otherworld Dungeon Adventurers! A lot of the Dies Irae minis also look really cool!
Then there's the James Wappel painting DVDs coming out too...

I know, it's a pity all these KS's seem to be hitting at the same time. Although the advantage is I'll have to be picky this time, rather than backing all of them over a few months.

And it does look like the Oathsworn mini's will be available afterwards from their website, that it shouldn't be too different in cost (although that might vary for international customers).

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Defiance Games re-launch.

It's sci-fi, and the 65$ pledge+stretch goals is almost too good to be true.

Grand Lodge

Reaper's bones 2 is flying along... over 415k in around 2hrs

For those of you that like cuteness above actual scale there's Chibi Asian Adventures. They did a previous KS, that did remarkably well and despite serious illness got the models out in a reasonable manner.

But with not a huge amount of time left, they deserve a little bump.

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