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So a boss in AP that I am leading had enough time to set up things in motion and is definitely not dumb. One of the first things was to put bounty on player's heads for 10 000 gold pieces.

Terrain is urban, set in city of Magnimar, but hunters might show up in wild also. Humanoids are prefered, but any other intelligent or shapeshiftable monsters are welcome.

So, bring me up your ideas. Give me your best bounty hunters that you can imagine!

The Exchange

Druids are (not a shocker) surprisingly effective as manhunters once they've got Wild Shape to help them. Rangers and inquisitors have class abilities that make them naturals as part of a band. Are you thinking of solitary bounty hunters or small gangs? And does the party have darkvision?

Also, of course, what general level of threat should we be trying to construct? EL 3? EL 20?


Ah, good point.

CR in range of 9 - 12 is acceptable. Solitary or two-three man gangs are fine. Anyone can be a threat, from street dancer and two innocent childlike halflings to a officer of law in the city.

They have darkvision most of them.

Depending on the setting and how much you like monster races.

thri'kreen (Spelling) or any other race that never needs to rest or sleep.

One of the villains in my old campaign was a Warforged Ranger/Bloodhound. He was a nonstop annoyance to the party for a long long time.

Also a Dopplegangar is great, might be a little powerful though.

Spell Sunder Come and Get Me Beast Totem Barbarian with a Divination Specialty Wizard and maybe a third member.

Scry and Die.


Good suggestions so far. It would be lovely to get an idea of some sort of deceiver and I am also interested into backgrounds of those characters.

Yes, it would be helpful to have someone able to decieve the party to an extent. Someone capable of looking innocent and innocuous. The party is somewhere between levels 9 and 12 roughly based on your posts, so they should be relatively well known by now. You could have the deceiver get something from the party to makek scrying easier. Perhaps this third character is also well versed in diplomacy and bluffing and convinces a truly innocent and unknowing child to ask for autographs and get some minor possession or piece of hair or something from them. Or perhaps a brothel for other members of the party. Whatever the cunning and devious method is up to you.

Slice and Dice: You can never go wrong with a big brutish guy and a small scummy guy duo. If you really, really, really wanna get some party deaths, make the small guy a rogue or ranger with double kukris and give him Butterfly's Sting to transfer his critical hits to his Scythe-wielding buddy.
This is an encounter I thought out a year or so ago for if I ever get some arrogant munchkin PCs. Planning to call the small guy Slice and the big guy Dice.

Enchanter: an enchanter sorcerer/wizard, disguised as somebody else. Uses Charm Person and such to influence other NPCs to assist in capturing the PCs, like getting the innkeeper to give him the key to the PCs' room or to get the PCs into fights with other NPCs.

Illusionist: an illusionist that uses Disguise/Alter Self and other spells to impersonate other NPCs to get to the party, like disguising him/herself as a barmaid to poison the ale of the PCs. He/she could also set traps with illusions, like a hidden pit or illusory wall or play merry hell with them by doing hit and run attacks over a few days. Other options could include Ghost Sound to get the PCs into bar fights or other spells to make it appear to a shopkeeper that the PCs have stolen something from the market

Rooftop Sniper: a rogue or ranger that stalks the party through the city by moving over the rooftops. Snipes at them from afar and when the PCs try to get to him, he will use his superior Acrobatics and Stealth to run over the rooftops and hide. Might try to get some PCs to follow him so that they will split up (like the melee dude rushing up the stairs of a building while the squishier mage stays on the streets) and he can pick them off one-by-one by outmaneuvering them.

Rose's Thorns

Rose Trueblood and her 3 companions are an all female group of bounty hunters who use thier innocence, good looks, and charm to get marks off thier guard and then claim thier bounty!

Rose Trueblood - human fighter/bard
tall and lean with long red hair, very beautiful

Abigail Lovelace - dwarven rogue
very curvy and a bit ribald with a penchant for lude comments.

Regina & Spectra Worthington - human enchanter & illusionist (sisters)
born to a life of wealth, these young femme fatales quickly grew board and now apply thier natural arcane talents to bounty hunting.

These gals work to gather info about thier marks and if heroic in nature will stage a false rescue and endeavor to make themselves close to the targets before striking.

If the targets are less alturistic they use thier looks and promises of intimacy to lure targets into thier trap.


You read my mind. I am already making first duo of bounty hunters who are halfing brothers, one smarter and resourceful (rogue), one tough and backbone in combat (fighter). They tend to disguise themselves as innocent child beggars and will try to isolate a single PC from the group with a distraction long enough to do the job. They should prove to be fairly easy for several PCs, but hard against single PC.

@The Quite-big-but-not-BIG Bad
I already thought also about the rooftop sniper, but enchanter wizard is awesome idea which I am gonna use. Thanks on ideas!

PC's probably won't really get to all these bounty hunters, but I need to have them as a backup if they decide to relax to much.

Lovely ideas! I'll reserve them for harder encounter if party get's that far.

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