In Buffalo NY for about a week and looking for games

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I know it's kind of short notice, but I want to see if I need to pack my PFS gear. I'll be in Buffalo NY from October 4rd to October 9th and was wondering if there were any PFS games that I could join while my wife is attending a conference there. Travel distance is limited, but I will have transportation available. Also, play time isn't a limiting issue, as long as I know when we will be starting. If you don't want to post publicly, I'll be glad to talk in private messages.

I know that there are online PFS games available as well, but I'm not 100% certain what my Internet access is going to be (ie. hotel, hotspot, etc..).

I know there was interest at Queen City Con when I went there, but to my knowledge there is nothing PFS there yet. My advice would be to try and check out your hotel situation as far as Internet goes and try for an online game.

Scarab Sages 5/5

Thanks for the information. I'll plan on online and if there are people wanting to get together, I can run stuff as well.

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Western NY is kind of sparse.
Hopefully we can get something going in that area so next year you'll be able to join a game! ^_^

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