Where's the shoggoth?!?!?


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I loved the gugs miniatures from shattered star. But now I am wondering when there will be a gargantuan shoggoth. That would be so cool. Tekili-li!

Since I just finished reading a complete works of H.P. Lovecraftian I really want to see minis for his creatures. We got stats for some in the Carrion Crown AP, like old ones and Mi-Go among others, now we just need minis!

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It's called Gooshy Gooze & you can find it at almost any toy or hobby store. Much like encountering a real shoggoth, you will wish you could replace your figures after...

There are also various shoggoth miniatures available from various suppliers, like RAFM, ( although admittedly not gargantuan, and I'm not a fan of the sculpt).

There are also miniaturs for shoggoths, migos and such available in some board games from "other fine gaming companies."

Must say, the Gug illustration (and sculpt) that Paizo use is one of the best I've ever seen for a gug. Love it.

Its not gargantuan, but it is pre-painted:


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I'm in the process of listing the various Shoggoth models on the market: https://alkony.enerla.net/tag/minispecies-shoggoth-cthulhu-mythos
Currently the only one fitting the description is the : Colossal Shoggoth from Fenris Games
But as that sculpt is not very exciting, for that price I'm almost sure you can create something from scratch - you can use polystyrene foam, sea sponge, or whatever you have at home.

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