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Out of all the hundreds of race/class/(multiclass/prestige class) combinations that are PFS legal, and are at least playable (if probably far from optimized), what are the least seen combinations?

I realize this will vary from area to area, and based on personal experience. But that is why I am posting here, to get a feel for the overall spread...

What builds are there which you think are perfectly viable, but you have never seen played?

What builds do you see, but only rarely?

I'm new to society, but I've got a few that are thought exercises.
An elf sorcerer with the Orc bloodline?

Or what about a teacup wielding rogue/ninja, who disarms people and destroys them? (Humble Beginnings Trait or Catch Off Guard feat and sneak attack)

What about a character that took a different class every level?
A Fighter/Barbarian/Gunslinger/Cavalier/Monk/Rogue/Ninja/Alchemist/Ranger/Dru id/Oracle/Bard would certainly have a unique bag of tricks. Not sure on the viability though, you could make it work better with prestige classes.

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Tumskunde wrote:
What about a character that took a different class every level?

Just lately, some friends and I were joking about such a thing. There are exactly 12 classes that don't have a full BAB and no Improved Unarmed Strike, so it would actually be possible to have a level 12 character that still has to spend a seperate move action to draw a weapon.

But the base saves would be awesome :)


Fighter/Barbarian/Gunslinger/Cavalier/Monk/Rogue/Ninja/Alchemist/Rang er/Druid/Oracle/Bard

You can't be both Rogue and Ninja, because the Ninja is an alternate class that's tied to the Rogue. (The same is true for Cavalier/Samurai and Paladin/Antipaladin.)

I also already thought about the Rogue with Catch Off Guard and Improved Disarm. But the combo wouldn't work against natural weapons.

Some of the characters I have use rare combinations. For example, I have a gnome rogue/witch who specializes in languages. The rogue levels are actually just for the "Guileful Polyglot" rogue talent.

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I rarely see Gnome or Halfling Strength-based Fighters.

I rarely see Dwarven Sorcerers that don't have the Empyreal Bloodline.

I rarely see Elven Paladins.

I rarely see Cavaliers, except for one recently at a convention that was very deadly.

And I rarely see Monks that aren't Zen Archers (or aren't multi-classed with Druid).

The two races I see the most, in my area at least, are Human and Aasimar.

And, now that I think about it, I rarely see vanilla classes in general. I have a vanilla Rogue, a vanilla Magus, and a vanilla Witch, but the most common question I get is, "Oh, what archetype did you go with?".


Probably the best combo that I see very rarely is dwarf rogue.

Also halfling archers.

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I've got a 10th level Wild Shaping Druid with a 7 Wisdom and can't cast spells or activate items on Druid list. Does that count? (He isn't a full Druid and uses Shaping Focus)

In my area, I've never seen any race besides human be gunslingers. And I've never seen an aasimar rogue...

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Let me see... In my local group, there is a gnome barbarian, a tengu gunslinger (mine), and a tengu cavalier/cleric. Those are probably the strangest combos I have seen. I am currently planning a ifrit paladin.

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