Can teaching trick be bought?

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2/5 Venture-Agent, France—Paris aka 勝20100

I have a character with the beast bully trait that allows the use of Intimidate instead of Handle Animal to push or handle. She can’t train an animal. Is there any way for her to buy training for an animal or is she stuck with using pre-trained animals?
If she plays with a character with ranks in the Handle Animal skill, will she be able to ask him to teach him tricks? In that case, it should be put on the character chronicle sheet I guess.

Shadow Lodge

There's no reason that another character with Handle Animal can't train your pet. Just have the GM put the tricks learned on the chronicle sheet.

Sovereign Court

I don't own the Animal Archive, so I don't know if it is covered. Are there rules for paying to have an animal trained? While it's very reasonable, I'd imagine for PFS that it would have to be clearly stated for it to be legal.

Liberty's Edge

Unfortunately, the Animal Archive doesn't have any rules for that. I don't think it would be illegal to a table-mate for help with training your animal though.

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