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Regarding Alchemist's Discovery: Tumor Familiar
If my character takes the Tumor Familiar Discovery the same level he takes the Improved Familiar (feat), could his initial tumor familiar be an improved familiar (as long as character meets the reqs for lvl, alignment, etc)?

And would it be at no gp cost, since it’s my first familiar? (I realize he'd need to dip a level in something else to get this synchronization, which is why I'm asking since I'm planning his build.)


In fact, I'm positive that you're supposed to get class features "before" your odd level feat, otherwise Witches couldn't take Extra Hex at level 1, level 1 monks couldn't take feats that require Imp. Unarmed Strike, and so forth.

And it never costs money to replace a familiar with Imp. Familiar when you pick up the feat.

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