[MapTool / Mumble] 0-2 The Hydra’s Fang Incident [Tier 1–5] Sunday, September 22th 2013 @ 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

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This game will be part of the Play Like A Pirate Weekend! (09 / 19-09 / 22). It will allow players and GM to enter a lottery to win a PDF of Pirate of the Inner Sea. Check the thread for more details.

Sunday, September 22th
14:00 CEST = 13:00 BST = 12:00 UTC
(CEST stands for Central Europe Summer Time)
Usually PFSOP scenario runs for 4 hours, but adding prep time, game time and potential problem, it could run for 5 hours. Please plan to be available for that time.
Should end before 19:00 CEST.

We’ll be using MapTool 1.b89. For that game I won’t use any framework, only my macros.
Please try this VTT before game time at least once. You need to increase the memory limit to this java software if you want to avoid issues while playing (their website indicates it).

I found a mumble hosting service and I’ll pay if there is enough player for the game to happen. Please install/configure Mumble before the game.
If there is issues, Google+ Hangouts will be used.

As is mentioned on those boards, you need to have digital character, chronicle and inventory tracking sheet ready to show to your GM.
I don’t need the chronicles, but I’d like the character sheet to take a look at what characters can do and know which rule I should be reading again if needed. If it is not indicated in your sheet, I might ask you where a feat/trait/spell comes from. I’ll also need info to fill the chronicle sheet, I don’t give blank ones.

Because of the time of the game, it is primarily targeted at people residing in Europe, but anyone can participate. The game is during the week-end so I expect that more people will be able to join.

Signing in
A little description or in character text to sign up (just post as your character) would be welcome. The character completed their training at a similar time so they might know each other, having probably met in Absalom’s Lodge.

Also post a line as OOC comment in the form: <number> <avatar name> aka <character name> <race/class/level>
0. 勝20100 aka GM, Human Online GM 1

If you are interested, but the game is a bit early/late that might be arranged, just indicate it in this thread.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Im game, but have not yet typed in my char in a digital edition.

depending on us plying up or down i have a series of char.

David Post Møller AKA

- 1 Mishan Elf, alchemist, 4
- 2 Maleah Gnome, Oracle, 3
- 3 ?????, Assimar summoner 1
- 4 Kobra, assimar Barbarian 1

Scarab Sages

I would be interested in playing. I will send you a PDF of my character.

I would be bringing Forrest, Human Ranger (Urban) 1/ Fighter (Archer) 1 (#28997-5).

Forrest is a tall, rough looking human of Ulfen descent, though when he speaks there is no Ulfen accent. He has a sword at his side, a shield on his back, and a bow in his hand. When he moves, the slight jingle of mail can be heard. He smiles and says, "Hello, the name's Forrest. Let's see what the Lodge has for us to do today."

I'm in
I have an Aasimar Oracle lvl 1: Ilamin Maudril
Average height and build, young adult, jewel toned eyes and hair that shines like metal

Shadow Lodge 3/5

Private message me if you want a free mumble server, 20100.

Here's my Char Sheet: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=629070


I’ll send a message tomorrow with both server’s connection information.

So far, with three players, we can play but I’ll have to add a pre-generated character to the party.

1. Ladon will play a non-determined character.
2. Jeremy Burton will play Forrest, Human Ranger (Urban) 1/ Fighter (Archer) 1
3. dharkus will play Ilamin Maudril, Aasimar Oracle lvl 1

Whatever Ladon plays, the party will probably be playing subtier 1–2.

If you don’t have a digital sheet, PCGen can help you make one. Even a statblock is fine if you have one.


4. Celestin, Female Human Paladin 1


For information, I sent a mumble server private message through Paizo’s messageboard. Please join if you didn’t already.


Players who didn’t do it yet, please send me a PM with all the chronicle informations:

Chronicle Sheet Number
Starting gold

I’ll do the chronicle sheets in the next 24 hours. Reporting was done, including to win PDF :)

Also any tips for me to get better at GMing PF/PFS is welcome. It was my second PF game online. Hope everyone enjoyed it.

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