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I can no longer find the name of a trait I took long ago for perception as a class skill. I began filling out a new character sheet as my old one is pretty worn out from nearly eight levels of play over more than two years and when I was copying info, all I could find on the old one was "perception" listed in the space for traits. Now I am wondering if I heard someone else mention it from a book I had not yet picked up because I either missed it or it is in something I do not own or have loaned out and cannot currently find it. If I understand correctly, I think there are several perception traits but most are linked to an ap and have minor changes to them. So I am looking for all legal for society traits with perception as a class skill. Thank you.

Does the character by any chance worship Abadar? Eyes and Ears of the City is in the APG, under Religion traits.

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Or Observant if you are a member of the Grand Lodge

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Militant Merchant
Race (Dwarf)

Valashmai Veteran

Eyes and Ears of the City


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Thanks so much for the quick response but neither of those were the one. Though that grand lodge one might work for the future. The character was a cleric of Desna and was a shadow lodge member so it could not have been those.

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From a quick search on Hero Lab:

Eyes and Ears of the City (Religion: Abadar)
Militant Merchant (Race: Dwarf)
Underbridge Dweller (Region: Magnimar)
Observant (Faction: Grand Lodge)
Tomb Raider (Faction: Osirion)

Not an official source, but based on the Additional Resources page, they're all allowed. The last two are the most likely, since they're specifically for Pathfinder Society.

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Your other option is to be a Dwarf (or be adopted by Dwarves) and have the race trait Militant Merchant (from Taldor, Echoes of Glory),

Finally there is also the Regional Trait Valashmai Veteran from the Dragon Empires Primer which requires your background include the Valashmai jungle.

If you happen to be a goblin, which there are very few of in the society, you can also be Balloon Headed.

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Seeker is a social trait added in Ultimate Campaign which gives the usual +1/CS to Perception.

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True Jiggy but he could not have had that trait months ago as the book is fairly recent

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