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My GF's a gamer, though not as much as I am. Still, she absolutely loves gaming, though not as much as our free-form RP story making. Which is how we met BTW, free-form RP online.

That said, she's also into card games (went second at a UFS Pro Tour circuit a while back while I got 16th), and video games... Anime, manga, and so forth as well. This otaku guy got lucky and got himself an otaku gal. Been together for almost 5 years now, and we're still goin' strong.

For myself, gaming's a fairly big part. It's about the only thing that works to kill my stress these days, with the exception of cuddling up with my girl and a good anime (something about her just soothes me like nothing else). It's also a fairly big portion of my 'fun'. Sports, cars, and so forth, can sod off. Give me a controller, some cards, or some dice, and I'm a happy guy.

That said, my first few GFs were in the 'Supportive, but uninterested' category. It works, for those that can do that. I, however, currently cannot get enough of my woman, and when neither of us are in a particularly foul isolationist mood, thoroughly enjoy as much time and activity as I can get with her that I can (fortunately, we live together, so I get time with her quite often, even if it's just being in the same room). If she weren't that interested, I'd be a little distressed, but luckily that's not the case ^_^.

I wish you luck!

Are you me?

If I am, one of my multiple personalities must have figured out a way to manifest itself.... Get back in my head!

I am your greed, we can work together!

Yeah, of late, my wife has got more into gaming. She always slightly leaned that way, but now she is in tabletop games as well. It is fun to share similar interests (anime, horror films, gaming), and buying her the expansion to kingdom rush was an excellent present. She hit that hard for two weeks.

So dating gamers can go perfectly.

The Exchange

It's not wise to have conversations with the voices in your head, guy(s). Although thankfully, ever since wireless headsets became so popular, you can at least do it without attracting stares from everybody else at the bus stop. They're all too busy talking to the voices in their ear. ;)

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