Winter Oracle spell choices


To be more specific, I have a Samsaran Winter Oracle and looking for really neat winter-themed spells but having trouble picking a few.

What are some neat water/wind/Ice spells that could go well with such a character?

The majority of them are on the Sorcerer/Wizard list, unfortunately. Oracles are extremely limited in this regard.

Off the top of my head...

Obscuring mists (cold winter mists)
Summon ice elemental
Summon white dire rats
Sleet storm
Holy ice

Also, you can go far with the Elemental Feat to add cold to conventional spells. Cold sound burst ... Thunder snow, anyone?

You could also add cold fluff description to untyped spells.

Yeah, I would do this through feats rather than spell election:

Elemental Focus: Cold: +1 dc on spells with the Cold descriptor
Elemental Spell (Metamagic): swap elemental descriptors (to cold, in your case)
Rime Spell (Metamagic): spells with the cold descriptor also entangle the target

Spells wise, most of your actual "cold" stuff will be coming from your mystery spells rather than the cleric/oracle list, but I would look at the endure elements/resist energy/protection from energy chains, and anything weather related that's not on your Mystery Spell list (so obscuring mist, control winds etc.)

I was trying to avoid the Elemental Spell feat, but it looks necessary at this point. Not too big of a deal.

Straight off the Oracle/ Cleric list:

Ice Armor Pathfinder AP #38

Holy ice Ultimate Magic
Unholy ice Ultimate Magic

6th Level
Cold ice strike Ultimate Magic

7th Level
Frost mammoth People of the North pg.26

9th Level
Polar midnight Ultimate Magic

Slim pickin's, but maybe the DM would allow for a few things from the druid's list...

edit: I know if I were the GM I would...

As a Samsaran, I can select a few from druid. I almost decided to roll up one of those instead, but I wanted to give Oracle a try (and it fit my concept just a wee bit better).

well, in that case...

Druid 1st Level:
Frostbite Ultimate Magic
Ice armor Pathfinder AP #38
Snowball People of the North pg.26

Druid 2nd Level:
Chill metal Core Rulebook
Flurry of snowballs People of the North pg.26
Frigid touch Ultimate Magic
Unshakable chill Ultimate Magic
Winter's grasp People of the North pg.26

Druid 3rd Level:
Ice spears Inner Sea Magic
Sleet storm Core Rulebook
Vengeful comets Inner Sea Magic

Druid 4th Level:
Ice storm Core Rulebook

Druid 7th Level:
Frost mammoth People of the North pg.26

Druid 9th Level:
Polar midnight Ultimate Magic

merge the two together, and you've got a decent enough list to choose from :)

Hot dang! That should be enough to work with there.

Glad to be of help ;)

Some other spells you might be able to re-skin with the DM's approval (shouldn't really be any big deal to swap "fire" for "cold" damage, for example), and you could always thematically (theatrically?) alter the appearance of certain spells.

We're usually rather lenient on things like that. If he won't be, then Elemental Spell or an equivalent metamagic rod will do the trick. This has been very helpful

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