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I settled with a forgemaster cleric, however it seems that I have some time to decide how to build him before I get to play him at PFS.

What troubles me is that he gains an 8th level Dancing Weapons power, which is okay, but I would much further love to get the Construct Subdomain power to animate objects.

a) So are there any ways to additionally add subdomain to a character?

b) Is there is some way to gain Animate objects either as an item or spell sooner then gaining it as a 6th level spell?

c) Would the inquistor be able to add a new domain/subdomain if my only choice from cleric domains is Artifice?

Consider that CRB, APG, UM, UC, UE books are allowed. Thanks for respones,


Well remember you get heavy armor proficiency at lvl 3,

No there is now no way to get the sub domain as the text is clear that you cant. the only options are to either umd it, but you are a dwarf with probably a low cha, change your archetype, or multiclass to inquisitor, which is not a geat idea you probably arent built as a front liner and that is what inquisitors usually are, sometimes they are ranged, but the lack of feats is hard.

I know one way to add a domain to a character, be a paladin with some mercy or vow, but then you ony get the spells. If this were a home game I would recomend talking to your gm about letting you take the subdomain.

Alternatively you are a full caster, so as long as you don't multiclass you get animate objects at lvl 11 as a lvl 6 spell anyways.

If you really want to keep your archetype and get animate objects early here is what you do start with a decent cha, for a dwarf this means 12, get the trait that turns umd into a class skill and gives you a point, take the two feats that boost umd, get a circlet of persuasion, +3 to all cha checks and it is a head slot not headband so you can still get your headband of wisdom, get an ioun stone of +2 cha, it costs 8000, so its up to you if you think its worth it.

At lvl 10 you get
10 ranks
2 cha
3 trained class skill
6 skill focus
4 other feat
3 circlet of persuasion
28 total

so +28 to umd, not bad for a dwarf a scroll of animate objects is dc 31, so 10% miss chance, still you can reliably suceed, just bring a rereoll t shirt just in case.

Well I realise that this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but these are your options as I see it.

Remember in PFS you can change anything about your character as long as they have not been played at lvl 2 yet.

Good luck


Well, cleric get's Animate Objects on spell list, so as much as I know, I can just try a caster level check with a scroll, but buying scrolls isn't efficient enough. Not for flavor at least. Perhaps if there is some method of not using up scroll?

I did consider UMD tho, but my Cha is set very low (Cha 5) so it would require an hefty investment, plus, after a long look at spells I wasn't sure if I am actually missing something by not taking UMD. It would also require a trait slot, which is already filled but nothing is set in stone.


What am I talking about? You don't need umd to cast it! its just a caster level check the DC is the spells caster level plus 1 so 12 or you could go umd, but with 5 cha that would be tough. You could just wait till you could cast it, or you could really save up and buy an animate staff (49800) ten charges and you could buy inexpensive recharging till you were high enough level. Depends on how much you want it


Well the problem is that it's 6th level spell. So I would be able to cast it at 11th level as a cleric. That's pretty much time when my pathfinder carrier is at end.

Saving 50k for staff is also almost impossible. I believe you get around 50 - 70k gold up to 12th level in PFS. I need something up to 10k in cost.

You gave me some idea's to think about tho. An feat or item that does not expend scroll might be good or some spell that does the same thing.


You can get the subdomain! Take levels in divine scion and you can get it!

I think that's how it works anyways...


It wouldn't be bad, the earlier that I would get it would be lv9 due to my feat selection, but it's from the Inner Sea Magic book unfortunetly.


Its PFS legal, I don't see the problem, also I'm not sure that's the way it functions


Sorry, I meant that I don't own that book in regards to PFS, so I can't use it.


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