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Oh most awesome customer service: I hope you have recovered well from GenCon month. With a heavy heart I must again tell you abou a slight problem with my order that arrived today after a few days at German customs. While most books are in pristine condition and none of the items seems to have been damaged during packaging and transport, the Mythic Adventures Hardcovers semms to have suffered in printing/binding.

The book is usable (although I don't know if the binding will last) so this might seem as a luxury-problem, nevertheless I found it necessary to report it. The damage would be hard (for me at least) to show in pictures. I will try if necessary, but describing it the best I can might prove more helpful.

  • The first set of pages is not attached to the spine of the book but only to the inner side of the first, blue page.
  • Something tore a hole through page 17 and 19 (left of the first print column, abou 1cm * 1/2cm on page 17, much samller on page 19, leaving a visible dent on the following pages, ending on page 27
  • Also starting on page 17, slightly below the hole, starts a folding line on the page, visible on the following pages until page 31

The rest of the book seems fine. As I wrote, a minor problem, nevertheless I wanted to report it.

Have a fun weekend, oh most awesome customer service!

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

I've sent you an email with regards to this thread.

Additionally, does the hole damage look like something that was caught in a printing press? If you can try to get a photo of it, send it along to customer.service@paizo.com

sara marie

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Could well be. When the book arrived, no invasive particles that could have done the damage were around. I will try to make a photo, but it won't happen until tomorrow - I am bad enough at taking pictures when I am not suffering from nightshift induces sleep deprivation.

Thank you for taking care the matter oh most awesome customer service!

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