Need Mythic help with a Halfling Archeologist


I enjoy building characters, and I put together this Halfling Archeologist a while back. The one time I played him I got him to 12th level where he was just beginning to become effective in combat, but that was fine because he wasn't really designed as a combat character as much as he was that jack-of-all-trades with a knack for getting himself (and others) both into and out of trouble. He's a character intended for great RP and his build reflects that, but that doesn't mean I don't want him to be as effective as possible.

Below is his build - its not 100% set in stone but its pretty close to what I want to do... the question becomes 1) what Mythic powers/abilities/feats should I be looking at and 2) how should I modify his current build to accomodate those Mythic additions? Assume that the rest of the party has standard combat, healing, buff and spell-casting duties already covered. Anything that he adds that isn't skill-related or comic relief is just bonus.

Halfling 6th level Archeologist / 2nd level Halfling Opportunist / 12th level Lore Warden
Fleet of Foot racial trait

Attributes: (20 point build)
STR - 10 (-2 racial mod)
DEX - 16 (+2 racial mod, +1 @ 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th & 20th)
CON - 14
INT - 14
WIS - 8
CHA - 12 (+2 racial mod)

Magical Knack
Vagabond Child

Feats & Rogue Talents:
1st (Bd1) Weapon Finesse
2nd (Bd1)
3rd (LW1) Improved Dirty Trick, Agile Maneuvers
4th (LW2) Combat Expertise, Two-Weapon Fighting
5th (LW3) Lingering Performance
6th (HOp1) Trap Spotter 10'
7th (HOp1) Trap Spotter 20', Skill Focus: Perception
8th (Bd3)
9th (Bd4) Greater Dirty Trick, Rogue Talent: Combat Trick - Quick Dirty Trick
10th (Bd5)
11th (Bd6) Extra Rogue Talent: Befuddling Strike
12th (LW4) Weapon Focus: Kukri
13th (LW5) Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
14th (LW6) Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
15th (LW7) Improved Critical: Kukri
16th (LW8) Greater Weapon Focus: Kukri
17th (LW9) Critical Focus
18th (LW10) Staggering Critical
19th (LW11) Weapon Specialization: Kukri
20th (LW12) Greater Weapon Specialization: Kukri

Acrobatics* 1-20
Escape Artist* 1-2, 6-11
Stealth* 1-20
Perception* 1-20
Disable Device* 1-20
Use Magic Device* 1-20
Knowledge: History* 1-20
Knowledge: Geography* 1-20

For what its worth, the character will be played in a Wrath of the Righteous campaign. His concept is an explorer with a fetish for maps, history, ancient cultures and ancient relics - magical or otherwise - who just 'got caught up in this thing', though he has a heroic heart when put to the test.

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