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I apologize for the wall of text. I wanted to quote what I believe are the relevant rules to make your life easier... It's the least I could do - and thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.

I have a couple questions about how Eldritch Heritage interacts with the Half Orc racial trait "Toothy", and how these two abilities would interact under the Universal Monster rules for Natural Attacks.

Assume Character is Half Orc with Toothy and Eldritch Heritage (Draconic).
The Draconic Bloodline allows the character to grow claws as a free action for a limited number of rounds per day.

So, the character always has at least 1 natural attack, and sometimes he has 3.

1) When he is not using the bloodline power (claws) is his bite attack treated as a primary attack that deals +1.5x STR mod, being that it is the only natural attack he possesses?

2) When he is using the claws, are all 3 attacks considered primary and made at full BAB with +1x STR mod to damage?

3) Does Eldritch heritage confer the improvements detailed within the Draconic bloodline power that occur at 5th, 7th, and 11th level? If the answer is yes I presume the character would need to be 7th, 9th, and 13th to recognize those improvements, being that they are treated as a Sorcerer -2 levels.

Natural Atacks wrote:
Most creatures possess one or more natural attacks (attacks made without a weapon). These attacks fall into one of two categories, primary and secondary attacks. Primary attacks are made using the creature’s full base attack bonus and add the creature’s full Strength bonus on damage rolls. Secondary attacks are made using the creature’s base attack bonus –5 and add only 1/2 the creature’s Strength bonus on damage rolls. If a creature has only one natural attack, it is always made using the creature’s full base attack bonus and adds 1-1/2 times the creature’s Strength bonus on damage rolls. This increase does not apply if the creature has multiple attacks but only takes one. If a creature has only one type of attack, but has multiple attacks per round, that attack is treated as a primary attack, regardless of its type.
Draconic Bloodline wrote:
Claws (Su): Starting at 1st level, you can grow claws as a free action. These claws are treated as natural weapons, allowing you to make two claw attacks as a full attack action using your full base attack bonus. Each of these attacks deals 1d4 points of damage plus your Strength modifier (1d3 if you are Small). At 5th level, these claws are considered magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming DR. At 7th level, the damage increases by one step to 1d6 points of damage (1d4 if you are Small). At 11th level, these claws deal an additional 1d6 points of damage of your energy type on a successful hit. You can use your claws for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.
Toothy wrote:
Toothy: Some half-orcs' tusks are large and sharp, granting a bite attack. This is a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 points of piercing damage. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.
Eldritch Heritage wrote:

Prerequisites: Cha 13, Skill Focus with the class skill of bloodline selected for this feat (see below), character level 3rd.

Benefit: Select one sorcerer bloodline. You must have Skill focus in the class skill that bloodline grants to a sorcerer at 1st level (for example, Heal for the celestial bloodline). This bloodline cannot be a bloodline you already have. You gain the first-level bloodline power for the selected bloodline. For purposes of using that power, treat your sorcerer level as equal to your character level – 2, even if you have levels in sorcerer. You do not gain any of the other bloodline abilities.

Yes, this is all correct.
Since you are gaining the claws with the bite attack, you can use all three at full BAB, with 1x str.
Thy do scale, and the claws will improve, become magical, etc.
You will have to select a dragon type, though. For your energy damage.


Cool. What about the times when I don't have claws? Is the bite getting 1.5x STR at those times?

That, and the scaling powers are the 2 I am least sure of. You've confirmed the scaling powers, which is fantastic.

If you're not using your Claws power (as you can only use it for a limited number of rounds per day), you only have the bite available. So you can make a standard Attack action with it and it would get 1.5x Str to damage since, at the time, it's your only natural attack.

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