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I made a 1st level paladin for PFS. I decided to try the Hospitaler type from the Advanced Palyer Guide. Here are the stats.

Aasimar Level 1.

Faction: Silver Crusade

STR 16
DEX 12
CON 13
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 17

Traits: Blessed Touch (from Champions of Purity) and Benefical Touch (Silver Crusade Faction).

1st Level Feat: Toughness

Any advice for picking feats as I advance this character? I'm thinking of taking the feat - Extra Lay on Hands - a couple extra times. I want this character to be a decent front liner and excellent healer. I plan on starting as a sword and board. Then, advance to using a Sythce.

You don't need toughness, thats what LoH is for. Grab a race feat, maybe?
Fey Foundling is superior to toughness in every respect.
Power attack if you dont want to be ignored when you aren't smiting
What sourcebooks do you have??

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