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I have just got a wizard cohort and since he is high enough I am starting him with a improved familiar. We are LE so i was going to get a Spirit Oni or a Raktavarna (I don't feel the paladin will deal well with an Imp) since my main character can wear either of them in either a amulet or face slot if my wizard cast magic circle against evil and had them be the toucher would it automatically hit my character.

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I am not sure what the question is because it begs a few questions.

So, I gather that your character took Leadership and your cohort is a wizard with Improved Familiar. If the question is can the familiar deliver a touch attack, then the answer is yes, IF the familiar was touching the wizard when the spell was cast. If for some reason the wizard let the main character wear the familiar as a mask or whatever, then no as it says "If the master and the familiar are in contact at the time the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his familiar as the 'toucher.'”

Of course the other questions I would ask (and they are not really rules questions) are:

Why would a wizard let anyone else hold/wear/remain in contact with his familiar?

Why would a paladin travel with a Lawful Evil character? (This actually would fall under a rule as it says it right there in the paladin entry but I do not know the nature of your partnership)

In order for the familiar to do the touch spell thing I'm pretty sure it has to be next to the wizard when the spell is cast.

Though I agree with a lot of the questions the other poster asked

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I missed the part about them being next to each other. The Gm is house ruling that we can work together as long as I don't do particulary evil acts ex. murdering civilians and so forth. He is my cohort so I could order him to do it. Not much different from someone making their cohort sit home and craft items all day.

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Sure you could order him, but a cohort is not a slave or a thrall and their is no domination over him. If I were the DM (and the cohort is an NPC), I would tell you, sorry, but no. Then again if your DM is okay with the evil thing and the paladin, then it should not be a stretch, I guess.

Also a bit of a difference between a cohort and a familiar.

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