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Hi guys. Just looking for a weekly Pathfinder game in the KC area. I'm active in Pathfinder society games, but I'm looking for a weekly game to be able to play a character on a regular basis. Timewise I'm open to anything but Sundays or Wednesdays. Thanks!

are you still looking for a game. i am looking for some players. drop me a email if interested. thanks phillip. pdf_1967@yahoo.com

I have a game possibly starting the Throne of Night campaign from Fire Mountain Games. But, we play Fridays 6-10pm in the Olathe area. Possibly some Shadowrun also. We have 3 players plus GM.

Silver Crusade

I am looking for players for Pathfinder and ModPath. I am running at my house in Blue Springs, MO.


Sorry I took so long to get back to this post. My new baby and life in general were keeping me busy! Anyways, if any of you are still looking for players let me know. My e-mail is jonbush78@hotmail.com .

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