What terrible things will happen now? * Shards of Sin Spoilers*

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The party managed to sneak up on tne three derro underlings & take them out pretty quickly. The carrion golem too. They then proceeded to ignore the obvious doors & found the secret door to the Sihedron Shrine. The fight was nasty enough to make them decide to make camp there, since they knew there was another derro out there somewhere.
Now, I figure in 8-10 hours it's reasonable the derro might come out & find her underlings all dead. I'm trying to decide what her course of action would be after that. The party didn't even remotely think about the possibility of there being prisonets.
What do you think?

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Assuming it's Magister Khrysm that's left alive, I'd consider having her stealthily approach the camped PCs and use Deep Slumber on whoever they have set as sentries while the others sleep. Whether that works or not, then approach under Invisibility and try and coup de grace whoever she thinks would make me most fun to kill. She is a master torturer, remember, so you have to think what would be the most painful thing she could do to this group who have disrupted her operation. Take out the healer perhaps?

Assuming that wakes them up, and while someone scrambles to save the healer she'd put some distance between her and the group and use a combination of bombs and sound burst to inflict maximum damage. Perhaps using her Levitate ability to put herself out of reach of melee weapons.

Or maybe you'd prefer her to act as stated in the morale section of her statblock: retreat to Nar-Voth and return at a later date after gathering more resources - maybe enough resources for an attack on Heidmarch Manor...

Depends whether you think the first option is too mean, or whether you want to focus on the dangers of not tying up loose ends or the dangers of sleeping in an unexplored dungeon.

Do whatever you think the group will have most fun with, but at the same time don't go easy on them.

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Mix up the Magister's stat-block a bit. Make her a reanimator and have her murder all of the prisoners, then send the prisoners and derro alike after the PCs as zombies. Or, if you can get a player to cooperate, have her drag off a sentry and replace them using an extract of disguise self. Get the shard, get to the surface then cause some havoc (in this case, the PC would be "safe" locked in the dungeon for a week or two).

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