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The Riftwarden prestige class in Paths of Prestige has a 10th-level capstone ability called Greater Counterport (Su) which grants the following:

At 10th level, a Riftwarden can counter a teleportation effect as an immediate action, without the need to ready an action beforehand. In addition, as a full-round action, the Riftwarden can expend two uses of her planar channel ability to forcibly recall a creature that used teleportation to exit an area within 30 feet of the Riftwarden since the end of the Riftwarden’s last turn. Planar channel deals damage equal to the amount normally dealt by one use of planar channel. This damage affects only that target, and affects it regardless of its current distance from the Riftwarden. If the target fails its save, the teleportation effect is reversed and the creature returns to the point from which it teleported (or the nearest available space, if that space is now occupied by another creature).

Planar Channel (Su) is gained much earlier and explicitly states that it only works on extraplanar creatures.

At 2nd level, a Riftwarden can channel baneful energies against creatures with the extraplanar subtype, regardless of alignment or plane of origin, as the cleric’s channel energy ability. The Riftwarden deals damage as a cleric of a level equal to her highest caster level. This energy can only harm, not heal. This ability cannot be used with feats, magic items, or other effects that modify channel energy. A Riftwarden can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her bonus for the relevant ability of the spellcasting class she selected.

I can read this in three different ways as there is no history of the topic being discussed before on these boards:

  • Any creature, regardless of type, can be returned from the point it teleported from and takes damage equivalent to the planar channel ability.
  • Only extraplanar creatures are effected by Greater Counterport as Planar Channel only effects extraplanar creatures.
  • Any creature, regardless of type, can be returned from the point it teleported from, but only extraplanar creatures take damage equivalent to the planar channel ability.

I vote the first. Counterport doesn't restrict targets and says it deals damage equal to Planar Channel, not as if it were Planar Channel.

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