Need character advice, strange houserules


I need help with ideas for a new character, but there are some houserules to take into account:

-All enemies have max hp for their hit dice.
-Enemies have +2-5 to all of their saves
-x/day abilities regenerate one every 15 minutes
-mana system which basically gives infinite spells
-Three bonus feats

We're level 5 and my last character was the primary damage dealer as an admixture blaster, (he left due to inter-party conflict,) so I'd like to play something other than that particular build. Thoughts?

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The enemies have infinite spells?

Mythic might be a start...

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I assume the pc's have the same criteria, if so i would go spellcaster

Sorry, it's all the same criteria for pcs. Haven't had a lot of spellcasters yet but it's sure to come up since we're fighting drow. Are there any builds that normally aren't viable because of too few feats?

So you are fighting drow, get extra feats, have x/day abilities regenerate, and endless spells? I'd say build a Paladin. They've got minor spellcasting and quite a few x/day abilities that you could spam (Smite Evil, Lay on Hands, Divine Bond), plus the extra feats would let you build a decent archer or switch-hitter.

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Well, you need a character that A) plows through hit points in a way that doesn't allow any saving throws, B) has as many use-per-day abilities as possible, and C) can exploit a flood of feats. Although that massive saving throw bonus seems to encourage a high-damage martial over any class that relies on effects that a save can prevent, you could get a lot of mileage out of a spellcaster as long as you stick to spells that offer no save... or, at the absolute minimum, spells that still have half damage or partial effects on a save.

If you're going for weapon use, a paladin/inquisitor would allow you to smite in fights when you aren't using judgement, and be judgmental in fights where you aren't smiting. Since those 1/day limits are out the window. The cavalier, able to challenge and employ Tactician regularly, may be worth a look if mount size is not a factor.

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Koutalilium wrote:
Sorry, it's all the same criteria for pcs. Haven't had a lot of spellcasters yet but it's sure to come up since we're fighting drow. Are there any builds that normally aren't viable because of too few feats?

Not to do with the feats, but if you never run out of spells, then sorcerer is out, why bother?

My short answer is just be a wizard. Having loads more spells means their major weakness is gone. Or a cleric with loads of light spells and similar.

I know 'be a wizard' isn't a very interesting or original answer, but with this massive power boost to everyone, it's just sensible. Loads of spells, use it.

You said you don't want to be an admixture blaster, do make sure you have Daylight on tap though.

Master summoner. That is all

No summoners unfortunately.

Oh I forgot to mention its 25 point buy at 1:1 from 10. So an 18 costs 8.

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A magus with arcane accuracy and plenty of touch spells.

That grabble Master monk at pehaps. Og you also have somthing lile infinite ki he is attacking somthing that isent bosted by your dm.

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Be a Reincarnated Druid.

This DM will kill your PC over, and over, and over.

You, will still keep coming back.

I think these house rules sound fun!

I also suspect this will be a dangerous, blood-soaked affair.

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Also, your PC will die.

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Magus / Kensai Wordcaster

Right, so based on those rules... sounds like you're playing Paranoia (Pathfinder edition)

What's the rest of your group?

aasimar (angelkin) paladin (oath of vengeance)==> melee, bonuses on STR + CHA, swift self-heal, would accumulate smite evils like crazy.

Reincarnated druid(as mentioned), but it takes awhile to come back.

As a blaster:
Alchemist (Elf, for INT and Dex). Go for the grenadier (poison use is useless)

With 3 extra feats? Point Blank, Precise Shot and weapon finesse. Your martial weapon can be an elven curveblade. You get precise bomb for free. Just concentrate on bombs.

Level 1 feat: improved initiative.
Level 2 Discovery: Explosive Bomb
Level 3 feat: Discovery: Smoke Bomb
Level 4 Discovery: Stink Bomb
Level 5 Feat: Extra discovery (Strafe Bomb)
Level 6 Discovery: Tanglefoot Bomb
Level 7 Feat: 2 weapon fighting
Level 8 Discovery: fast Bomb

Lets see, we've got a cleric (don't know his build) a twf rogue, a fighter going pure defense, a kitsune oracle enchantress, and another guy who is making a character

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have you considered a melee cleric?
a (standard) aasimar could start with:
str 18; dex 14; con 12; int 9; wis 18; cha 18
i don't know what pantheon you're dealing with, but be neutral and channel negative energy (so either a neutral god, or an evil one)- if possible take destruction and strength [ferocity] for your domains, and a polearm (with reach) for favored weapon (possibly by following a philosophy instead of a god?)
what level do you get the bonus feats? that would change things, but assuming all at 1st (and requiring prereqs)... try: b- channel smite; b- combat reflexes; b- toughness; 1- selective channel; 3- power attack; 5- quick channel (if you don't need prereqs for bonus feats, take power attack early and drop selective channel or toughness for furious focus)
traits: divine conduit and divine warrior

in combat- cast spells as you like and try to position yourself to get as many AoOs as possible (that's why you have a reach polearm). when you do attack with your action use the smite abilities from both of your domains and channel smite (since they'll all regen quickly anyways). any time you want/need extra damage use quicken channel to AoE and still cast/attack. (if you get the bonus feats later or without prereqs you could also think about taking channel force in order to deal damage and reposition enemies as a move action with quick channel...)

net result:
(without factoring in any gear) in rounds you don't need to reposition, you can quick channel for 3d6 to all enemies in 30', you could cast something or attack for say 1d10 (average polearm) +6 (str) +4 (domain smites) +3 (power attack) +3d6 (channel smite), and be set for up to 3 AoOs at 1d10+9... and all of that is without any buffs going at all (and you will be able to kick out a good number of buffs)

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