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Goblin Squad Member

Tirithael of TEO. I'm definitely a lurker (I think this is post #4 lol) but I read the forums often enough to more or less keep myself updated on the going-ons.

Goblin Squad Member

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I have joined The Seventh Veil.

They are cooler now. :P

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

Okay, fixes and updates time!

I've sorted the list alphabetically by affiliation, except that 'unaffiliated' is listed first. I'm also ignoring articles such as 'the' in the names.

Individual names are board handles, without titles, since that's what people will generally recognize at this point. If you want to be known by your future character name, you may want to set up an alias now and transition your posting over to it. Be sure to let us know if you do that, to minimize confusion and so I don't end up listing you twice.

I've also listed individuals alphabetically within their organizations, with the exception of bumping the leader to the first spot. In the case of T7V, I'm not sure who the leader is; Nihimon certainly posts the most, but KitNyx posted the group's introductory thread... but also didn't list his affiliation when answering this thread. This will be fixed in future updates if I get the necessary information.

As always, let me know of any corrections and updates, and my thanks to those who've helped thus far!


- Unaffiliated -
Ace-of-Spades -
Alarox -
Andas -
Avatar-1 -
AvenaOats -
Bormun von Eastbourne -
Dinan -
froggalpha -
Hobs the Short -
Iorae -
kenshi33 -
Diella -
Dinan -
Kryzbyn -
Lam -
Marlagram -
Nightdrifter -
RHMG Animator -
Runnetib -
Scarlette -
Sepherum -
Shane Gifford -
Valdemar Stor -
Vibishan -
Wurner -
Xaer -

Crimson Wing
Being - CW

Deepforge Company
Hardin Steele - DFC

The Empyrean Order
Andius - TEO
Aleron - TEO
Alexander Damocles - TEO
Gedichtewicht - TEO
Lifedragn - TEO
Pinosaur - TEO
Proxima Sin - TEO
Tirithael - TEO

The Golden Flask
Virgil Firecask - TGF

Deacon Wulf

Keepers of the Circle
Elken Krimm - KotC
Nymerias - KotC
wxcougar - KotC

Knights of the Crusader Road
Stonebreaker - KotCR

The Lightbringer Company
George Velez - TLC

Maelstrom Company
Cyneric Torrin - MC

Magical Advancement & Growth Initiative
Dakcenturi - MAGI

Order of the Bloody Hand
Tigari - OotBH

Pax Aeternum
Areks - Pax
Bringslite - Pax
Charlie George - Pax
Deianira - Pax
Keovar - Pax
Nicoli Larvu - Pax
Rafkin - Pax

Pax Mercatorum
theStormWeaver - PM

The Seventh Veil
avari3 - T7V
Banesama - T7V
DeciusBrutus - T7V
Jazzivraz - T7V
Lhan - T7V
KitNyx - T7V
Nihimon - T7V
Oberyn Corvus - T7V
Will Cooper - T7V

UnNamed Company
Bluddwolf - UNC
Doggan - UNC
The Goodfellow - UNC
Sintaqx - UNC

(67 Total)

Goblin Squad Member

Glaucopide, Foreman of Pax Aeternum.

I'm a crafter, a practical fellow, and I prefer to make things rather than speak about them, that's why I never post. ;)

Since I missed the Kickstarter campaign, I'm eagerly waiting for the Crowdfunding reopening.

Scarab Sages Goblin Squad Member

Welcome, Glaucopide of Pax Aeternum! I hope they get that system set up soon, and hopefully our own PFO-specific forums with some more updated posting features.

Goblin Squad Member

Yumeko, unaffiliated.
I lurk in the dark.
Despite being a gold dragon, yes.

Goblin Squad Member

Welcome, Yumeko!

I hope you'll consider coming out of the dark every once in a while to share your insight. They say dragons are very wise.

Goblin Squad Member

Ah.. last time I met a gold dragon, I beat her at chess. She never invited me back. :(

I am probably here unless I happen to be elsewhere

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Wow, very nice work, Keovar!

I'm still hanging out both here and on the Pax forums, but Real Life has been pretty intrusive lately so I've been unusually quiet. (No snarky comments, please!)

Goblin Squad Member

Khas checking in for Pax Aeternum.

Goblin Squad Member

I am Randovar of Pax Aeternum. I spend most of my time at the tavern or the brothel.

Goblin Squad Member

I know the companies are giving out the high level assignments by who signs up first. Players are committing to characters without view of the rules. I am not min/max'ing; but if one views the drifts in positions in the threads, one (well at least I) see changes as blogs come out. I do not understand how alts will work out, esp destiny twin. I have many interests; some not in current concept (Gnome summoner with flying feathered serpent). My character will be a late joiner and will earn position not by early subscription, but by merit of performance. Some companies will not allow that. Fine. Your loss. Your 'pones gain.

cleric/crafter/enchanter/merchant/administrator/owner(settlement board member)/(sorry this one was for Bludd only)/summoner(if it ever comes)

There seems a concept that one company owns a settlement. Because one can not be in many many companies, there needs/should to be possible concept of a board the run a settlement that may come from multiple companies. Otherwise there is only one concept of rulership.

How does a compact of companies form a settlement?



Goblin Squad Member

Morbis, resident Face Stabber of Maelstrom Company, signing in.

I like long walks on the beach, outdoor cooking and stabbing people right in their faces.

I also have a hat, but it isn't green.

Goblin Squad Member

@Lam. I've answered your question here.

Goblin Squad Member

Vrel here from T7V.

I post here in small spurts. Mainly active on our forums.

Goblin Squad Member

Hi all. I am a member of Pax and very much a lurker. I check in every now and then to see how things are going with development and will most likely continue in that fashion until we are closer to release.

Goblin Squad Member

Pax Aeternum here also, and most definitely lurker status.

Goblin Squad Member

Banesama wrote:
Ah.. last time I met a gold dragon, I beat her at chess. She never invited me back. :(

My specialty is not chess but riichi mahjong, I can invite you to my dark lair if you feel safe. *laugh* The loser is eaten by the winner. Deal?

Anyway, I might post my thoughts sometime. But do not expect long posts.
And.. It's not that we dragons are wise. It's just hard to understand us.

Goblin Squad Member

Pax Aeternum here. And definitely more of a lurker than anything else.

Goblin Squad Member

Im with Pax Aeternum. As far as the PFO forums are concerned I am a lurker but once things get further along I'm sure that I will be more active.

Goblin Squad Member

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I am Father Time, member of TEO. I was in the kickstarter but mostly stayed out of the forums at first because I didn't want to get hyped about something so far away. But it's getting closer now and I'm enjoying playing around with ideas, learning and sharing predictions with other players.

Frequent lurker, beginning poster.

Goblin Squad Member

Sennajin/Rawn, Member of Aeternum, Leader of Pax Gaming. I post on occasion, lurk almost daily.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm a lurker who is obviously slacking on his lurking. I hail from Pax Aeternum.

Pax Aeternum member here, anxious to see Golarion in 3-D.

Goblin Squad Member

Hello, I'm Krystalina. I come here from Pax Aeternum and Pax Gaming :D

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Hi, I'm Merylyn (also known as Cinerator) and I'm a Pax Aeternum member. The River Kingdoms won't know what hit them.

Hi - Another Pax Aeternum member answering the call to arms :)

Hisroth - Member of Pax Aeternum, serial lurker here.

Goblin Squad Member

Nicoli Larvu, Archduke of Aeternum. Other than a little crafting, I will be taking care of any settlement issues in the future.

Goblin Squad Member

Faythe - Pax Aeternum and Werklerker.

*Hugs and Muffins*

Goblin Squad Member

Korin - Pax Aeternum

Been busy helping manage another Pax Division in SWTOR, but try as much as I can to keep up with the boards and keep up to date with the latest Blogs.

-Your friendly neighborhood Kor

Goblin Squad Member

Darganon of Pax Aeternum.

lurk lurk lurk lurk

Yet another Pax Aeternum lerker here :)

Goblin Squad Member

Foste from Pax Aeternum here.

Toss one more Pax Aeternum lerker on the list!

Goblin Squad Member

Xeen of the Unnamed Company

Greydath from of Pax Aeternum

Thorgrym Axehammer for Pax Aeternum

Goblin Squad Member

Ponix of Pax Aeternum @ Pax gaming

Goblin Squad Member

Lady Karnath, a lurker from The Golgothan Empire.

im quartermaster tieshoe with the Golgothan Empire, pleasure to meet you all

Goblin Squad Member

Stehlen of UnNamed Company; I play games that are actually out while I wait for this game to be finished. Also, tabletop Pathfinder.

Goblin Squad Member

talonfox of the UnNamed company

Goblin Squad Member

Holy legion of lurkers, batman!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello, Paxians, UNC members, Golgothans and others. Hope that you stay a while and throw some new voices into the mix. :)

Goblin Squad Member

General Gamon of the Golgothan Army, hail and well met.

Goblin Squad Member

Keovar wrote:
If you visit this forum at least once a week, chime in with your name and any player organization (guild, CC, settlement, etc.) affiliation you have. If you like, add a short comment about your thoughts on what's been going on in the game and community development recently.

Are we ignoring this now? I had figured this was a measure of players actually on the Paizo forums or I might have said something in the big group message we sent out recently. I had just been figuring players who were truly active on the forums could find their own way here.

Goblin Squad Member

Are you upset with people for posting? I can always reinstate the Gag-order on my guys before the rest come online.

Goblin Squad Member

I am a backer, a lurker here and a member of Pax Aeternum.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm pretty sure the definition of lurker is someone who visits, yet doesn't post.

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