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I'm playing a sorcerer for the first time. In fact it's the first time I've ever played a magic user of any kind, arcane or divine.

I am curious on where I would look in the books for equipment for the Sorcerer. Mostly for armor. I have found nothing for them. I have found a few rings but they do not appear to grant good protection. I know sorcerers don't use armor but I am talking about robes or rings or gauntlets (I've read somewhere they can wear these?).

I am level 6 with 16,000 gp to spend. Granted I need to still buy a weapon but that shouldn't be to hard to do.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you for your time.
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Handy Haversack for sure assuming your strength is low.

Pages of spell knowledge can be a nice way to add to your spells known but they can be expensive.

A wand or two of common low level spells you dont want taking up your limited known.

Scrolls of niche spells that might come up but are not common enough to justify paying for a wand with 50 uses of it.

Robes of Arcane heritage would take all your gold and I would be surprised if someone let you buy it at this level but they are pretty nice boost to your bloodline powers. This is more an item you will want to save for in the future.

Not much in the department of sorcerer specific equipment really.

As for armor, my experience is that the amount of gold you have to spend for any noticeable benefit in armor class is way too high. Usually mage armor lasts long enough to be used as an all day armor and combined with a natural armor amulet and ring of protection you can get ok values for AC. You can wear bracers of armor but the armor bonus will not stack with mage armor so its usually better just to use 1st level spell casts to keep it up all day at your level.

The best defense for an arcane caster is casting spells that lower enemies chance of hitting you directly rather than boosting Armor to not be hit.(Blur, Displacement Mirror Image). Then just stay only as close as you need to be and make a conscious effort to stay out of harms way.

That doesn't mean dont invest in armor, it just means armor is not a priority.

As for weapons do not bother enhancing them. In the early a simple ranged weapon is all you need and when you get to higher levels, you will be spending all your actions in combat moving and casting so the weapon rarely gets used enough to justify enhancements. Just get a heavy crossbow, maybe masterwork and call it a day.

What's your bloodline? A basic sorcerer isn't exactly a combatant. You sound like you've got a more melee-oriented bloodline.

The advantage of Bracers of armor is that you can get them up to +8 (if you can afford them). You can also get some of the armor enchantments put on them.

The shield spell stacks with Bracers of Armor or mage armor

Ring of protection.

Amulet of Natural Armor

Thanks for the advice Captain.

MCV my bloodline is Arcane. I did find a Battle variant of the sorcerer on
d20 Pathfinder SRD I may take just for the armor. I am not looking to do melee with my Sorcerer but I am looking to survive. Without extra protection my AC is very low. Nearly 12 at best and I don't think that it should be that low for a level 6.

Thanks Speaker.

Where can I find prices for these items? What books?

They're in the Core rule book or you can find them on the Pathfinder PFSRD site. You can use the search function in the top left to find the specific entries.

Lol thanks Speaker. I realized that after posting. It's what I get for doing this while tired.

Thanks to everyone for the help. Any other advice for this class is still welcome.

Oh while I am thinking of this, I forget, but does the +3 bonus to skills for a class skill is that once you put a rank into it per rank?

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magic harimaki armor. It literally gives you all the bonuses of bracers for a fraction of the cost, 0 armor check penalty, no spell failure, and saves you an item slot. the only thing you might run into is that it is considered an eastern armor in Ultimate combat but does appear in ultimate equipment.

Nice find Doc. Thanks.

A mithral buckler will grant you +1 AC without any penalty. Enchant it to +1 and you get +2 AC for just above 2000 gp. Way cheaper than a Ring of Protection, which only grants +1 AC for the same price.

What equipment do you have already? Headband of Charisma? Cloak of Protection? Those two are way more important for a sorc than any AC item.

You really shouldn't worry about AC too much. You won't have great AC, no matter what you do. You should rely on your party members to keep you save or use spells/summoned creatures. In my group, the ranged guys hardly ever get hurt and we aren't exactly tactical geniuses. Then again, neither is our GM so that might by a factor.

Anyway, giving advice would be easier if we knew what you already got, how your spell list, feats and party composition looks like.

May I say this, AC is useless for casters if your team can tank. People may said there is no tanking, it's because they didn't realized they wouldn't be hit if they stop acting as they please.

You are an Arcane Sorcerer, don't need to worry about AC. You will need it more if you have Abyssal or Draconic bloodline. You don't need that.

Robes of Arcane heritage work best on multiclass sorcerer. I feel it's weird how full sorcerer want them to get their power earlier and not giving it to their friend who could not have those power without it. Kind of selfish, but I guess it's just a different point of view.

I really don't know what you need as I have no idea what your team is and how good is your team. Also I don't know who well you play a sorcerer as it's your first time. Sorcerer is easy to play compare to wizard, but harder to play well.

Also, you should ask your team to give you some gold so you have better equipment selection. You are current having more gold then my whole current party wealth combined (Not sure why some GMs throw gold to player like it worth nothing) so I'm sure your whole team will be able to get you items that more useful for you. Aim for something that allow you to get to places that not many can reach so your team can do the tanking, a caster with spiderwalk in my group was rocking hard because no one can hit him while he rain down spells. Just make sure you help your team back later on as Fighter or Cavalier will need the best items to work in late game when caster won't need much.

Good luck.

The most important spell for any level 1 wizard or sorcerer is Mage Armor. Lasts for hours, and gives a healthy boost to your AC. With decent Dex and a few other items, that should be enough to get your AC very close to 20. Mage Armor is one of those spells you always want to have active when there's any chance of danger.

Mirror Image is your go-to spell for defence. Don't worry about AC it just isn't worth worrying about.

If you really feel the need for AC then Mage armour followed by shield will give you 20 assuming a 14 dex score but don't waste the spells.

Mirror Image is all you need. Fly is your next level of defence's although at your current level you probably have a glut of 3rd level spells you want to cast.

Shield and Mirror Image last to short for your entire adventuring day. The good part of Mage Armor is that it lasts for hours rather than minutes. Mage Armor can easily last your entire adventuring day. Mirror Image is great for that one emergency where you absolutely need some extra defense, but it's no replacement for armor.

Take a look at the Armored Kilt.

+1 AC, no check penalty, no spell failure.

It's mundane and, like, 20 gold so it's great for a 1st level caster looking for a little boost. It can be enchanted to +2 AC very cheaply and between that and your mithral buckler you'll be in an alright position AC wise. Not great, but you ARE a caster.

A headband that increases CHA?

Lots of good things. Here are a few:

Weapon: +1 Cestus, brass knuckles, or spiked gauntlet enchanted with dueling gets you a +4 to initiative and you can cast with that hand still.

Shield: +1 Mithral buckler, and you can add stuff like fortification or caster abilities to it later.

Armor: Haramaki, Amrored Kilt, and Ceremonial silk armor all have no arcane failure. get a +1 enchantment and then add the determination ability.

Headband: Charisma boosting

Head slot: hat of disguise or circlet of persuasion

Eyes: Deathwatch glasses (ultimate equipment)

cloak: Cloak of protection

shoulders: shirt of immoliation (discourages grapples)

neck: amulet of natural armor

body: robes of arcane heritage

belt: dex boost

feet: boots of speed, winged boots, spider climb slippers, jaunt boots

rings: ring of deflection, ring of sustainence, etc

slotless: ioun stones (dusky rose prism, orange prism), handy haversack, metamagic rods, the usual.

but for defense, you can use mount for cover, mirror image, invisibility, fly, and even silent image and it tends to be better than pumping your AC. AC should only be used to mitigate the occasional ranged pot shot at you. never be in melee.

Thanks everyone for the responses. Been a great help with setting up my Sorcerer.

My GM is running a adventure (not sure if it's a campaign or what yet as we just started) and he gave us bonus cause he wants us to be a slightly super than the average PCs that are level 6. So I would have to expect AC to be somewhat more important than normal especially with the antics my fellow players would surely come up with.

I don't know if that help SiuoL as you mentioned you don't know much about the campaign and such. As for spells and feats I am about to pick them.

I am reading up on metamagic feats as I've never used them before. But that would be for another post/topic I would think.

darkkeepr wrote:

I don't know if that help SiuoL as you mentioned you don't know much about the campaign and such. As for spells and feats I am about to pick them.

Another way to get a better sense of what equipment you need is to talk with your team mates. If your main melee fighter likes to charge into battle and leave you undefended, stack your AC as high as your could. But for me, I rather get items that not allow attackers chances to roll their attack rolls. I just love the fact how smart casters can just stand on the roof and kill things without being target while other casters keep complain their AC wasn't high enough.

With that said, AC would be more important in some other encounter, it what makes Wizard better than Sorcerer, as they can pick the right spell if they are smart and well informed by their scout.

In conclusion, take to your friends, if they got your back covered, no point for your to worry about AC. Many times my GM was expecting my team to run or die, but we made it all. We didn't even have much gold or items, it was purely tactic and bravery. So with all the resource you guys have, you guys should do fine. =)

Thanks for the advice. I will find out soon how well we do. So far we had 2 battles. Some of us split but that was due to having 2 objectives to take care of and the other was a small fight nothing major.

With everything I think I am going to try to focus on controlling when I can but be ranged as much as possible.

Now just got to get the right spells and I should be set.

I am going to plug a different option than Robes of Arcane Heritage for the body slot. The Mnemonic Vestment from UE costs only 5,000gp. Once a day, you may use it to cast a spell from a written source (spellbook or scroll) that you have on you as if it was a spell that you knew, consuming an appropriate level spell slot and setting the CL and DCs to your own. You can even apply metamagic feats to it on the fly, as well as other feats that affect the spell.

Buy a spellbook, and before you know it you'll be spending money to get spells scribed into it. And because of the relatively cheap cost of Mnemonic Vestment, you might find yourself buying more than one over your career, swapping out the one you are wearing after each use.

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Look in Ultimate Equipment. There's a sort of light armor called a haramaki, or the armored kilt from Adventurer's Armory. Both confer and armor bonus that can be increased via enchantment, but since they lack both an armor check penalty and an arcane failure chance, they can be worn without any problems by sorcerers. My personal preference here is the silken ceremonial armor for this. Same benefit without having to walk around wearing a utilikilt or looking like Oorochimaru...

Though personally, I'd pick up a wand of lesser extend metamagic and cast mage armor at the beginning of the day. Boom. 12 hours with an AC bonus of +4. Toss in Shield for another +4 bonus temporarily (you could also extend that for long combats if you wanted).

As for other equipment, pick up a handy haversack for sure. They are one of my favorite items by far, since it greatly reduces the weight you have to lug. Weapons option, but a wand of scorching ray isn't too expensive, and 50 casting of a 4d6 ray attack beats a heavy crossbow in everything but price. Other wands are also cool. Past that, anything you want really works.

Those are very nice. I did find the harmaki armor. But the vest I will look into as that could be very handy for a few tricks up my sleeve.

The wands are nice. But do they make me have to take a spell up another slot? Metafeats are still a bit confusing to me on how they work in regards to slotting.

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