Is There A Non-Cleric Method Of Getting A Domain Power or Domain?


I was looking through the domains and saw a couple level 1 domain powers that I think would be helpful. Is there any way through feat, magic item, skills or such in any pathfinder or even 3.5 splat book that would allow a class that does not have a domain option to either gain a domain, or gain a domain power.

I am mostly looking into this for my wizard, but I can see it's usefulness for a martial like fighter or rogue that don't have access as well.

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Druids and Inqusitors get them too. Rangers might have a way to get them - not sure on that.

If you're looking at 3.5, there's something called domain draughts. They're in the Magic Item Compendium, and give you domain powers on a temporary basis. But they don't give you any levels in cleric, so most domains aren't so helpful.

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The should be a feat chain similar to eldritch heritage. Divine Guidance or something. This needs to be a thing.

Thanks thistle, I looked up Domain Draughts. As far as magic items go, that is exactly what I was thinking and works perfectly, just a little bit on the expensive side. 24 hours is pretty good for time but a pretty expensive potion

Anyone else know of anything that would be more permanent?

Domains are pretty powerful. A one level dip seems like a reasonable price to pay.

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One of the paladin archetypes gives domains. You do need a couple of levels of paladin to access it.
You are still restricted by your deity as to what domains you have access to.

Could you provide us with more info on what you are aiming for? Like your character's build/ideal and what domain you are interested it?

Sure, I have a blaster wizard and also looking for help with my friend's Ninja.

Not limited to these, but ones I think look like fun to have would be Touch of Luck, to buff a friend, or Sieze the Initiative to allow myself or an ally to roll twice on initiative.

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Blaster Wizards are quite a focused build... I really won't advice taking any levels other the wizard or a prestige class that ups your caster level.

If you really want to play a arcane + divine caster, the Mystic Theurge prestige class may be an option for you.
(Touch of Luck is really nice for a buff.)

In any case, you may want to just pick up some buff spells instead. Getting Haste or Invisibility on a fellow party member is usually much more appreciated.

What Paladin archetype gives domains?

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Sacred Servant.

Since it seems you may be able to use 3.5 material, there is the Arcane Disciple feat. Seems right up your alley as a wizard.

Thanks for all the input. Looks like the best way to go without level dipping would be the Draught. Nice find

I'm working completely off memory here, but it was pretty darn memorable:

Most characters won't have this option available to them, but one of the Universal Path abilities in Mythic Adventures available to a PC with at least 6 mythic tiers (should you ever be in a game in which the PCs are that mythic) is Divine Scion. You get two domains and associated spells and domain abilities. If you take this path again, you get two more domains. And so on.

Um, Divine Scion also allows you to grant spells to your believers as if you were a deity. These spells may be of any level up to your mythic tier.

As I said, most characters won't have this as an option, but it seemed worth mentioning...

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