Advice for a Naga Aspirant (Nagaji Druid Archetype)


So I'm building a Nagaji character for an upcoming game and became very interested in it's racial archetype. Looking at its stat bonuses and qualities of the race+class I found this to be difficult to build for. What I need is advice for stats and certain class feature choices.

Here's the class entry: pirant-druid-naga

With the Naga form, several abilities key off CHA or CON, however Druids are WIS casters making choosing this archetype somewhat MAD.

Here's my 1st stat array, this is a 20 point buy.

STR: 16 (14+ 2 racial)
DEX: 12
CON: 14
INT: 10 (12-2 racial)
WIS: 16
CHA: 9 (7+2 racial)

This is the second array, which tries to take advantage of the Naga form's abilities, swaps STR for CHA
INT: 10
WIS: 16
CHA: 16

Unfortunately I won't have an 18 in wisdom which would be ideal for low levels. Hopefully I can get magic items (assuming no/scarce magic items, I will use the 4lvl+8lvl ability score increases to get 18 WIS). The issue is wether to choose an animal companion or not, not really an optimization standpoint but a functional one.

Now with sacrificing spontaneous summons, Naga Aspirants gain the ability to add spells to their spell list at every level from a pool of spells listed here:

0th—acid splash, bleed, daze, mage hand, open/close, ray of frost

1st—charm person, divine favor*, expeditious retreat, mage armor, magic missile*, ray of enfeeblement, shield, shield of faith*, silent image, true strike;

2nd—acid arrow, detect thoughts, invisibility*, mirror image*, scorching ray*, see invisibility;

3rd—dispel magic*, displacement, fireball*, lightning bolt*, suggestion;

4th—divine power*, greater invisibility*.

*Spells I'm considering to add to the druid spell list

Now it doesn't place a limit on what level spell you can add to your list per level, though there are plenty of decent spells at each level to choose. Assuming to take full advantage of this power you choose 2 spells at each level until the next available spell level. What are the best options? (I know Magic Missile isn't too hot of a blast, but it does deal force damage and doesn't miss, so it has some utility, and divine favor benefits the melee caster)

The central alternative class ability of this archetype is the Naga-shape. It grants a +4 bonus to STR and CON, +2 enchantment bonus to natural armor, a natural attack that deals 1d6 damage, and +10 enchantment bonus to movement. Whilst decent at 6th level becomes outclassed (combat) by the more advanced Elemental forms (especially at 12th level) in and out of combat, based on stats and abilities like earthglide and flight. However there are some advantages to the naga form in it's gaze attack, detect thoughts, and poisons, which have to be gained from advancement at 9th, 13th, and 17th levels. The more I looked at this naga form I realize it is less of a pure combatant, but supports combat and roleplay. This is the difficulty though in building the character. I feel as though the flavor of the archetype interferes with it being functional. I still want to play it though. Any input will be greatly appreciated!!

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I will resurrect this thread. I am confused by the nagaji aspirant's wild shape. It says that it is gained normally at 4th level, but the Naga form is gained at 6th level. And it notes that this ability otherwise works like and replaces wild shape. So do they have wild shape for two levels or is the naga shape treated as a daily use of wild shape.

Naga shape is just another use of Wild Shape. You get a new form you can use with it, and you don't get that form until level 6. Simple as that.

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kestral287 wrote:
Naga shape is just another use of Wild Shape. You get a new form you can use with it, and you don't get that form until level 6. Simple as that.

Okay, does that mean that they lose the ability to change into animals of different size or elementals as they gain levels?

If it's just an additional form which can be used for Wild Shape and the rest of the wild shape abilities are intact, then that's great. I am just worried about putting some levels into the class and discovering that it I didn't understand how it was intended to work.

No, it's another option. You can turn into a tiger, an earth elemental, or a naga as you wish.

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kestral287 wrote:
No, it's another option. You can turn into a tiger, an earth elemental, or a naga as you wish.

Thank you.

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I really like this archetype and I'm thinking of trying it in a PFS game. The additional "naga" spells you get to add to your list tend towards two types: buffs like displacement, divine favour and divine power, and blasting spells. I think it's possible to emphasise melee combat with the buff spells, or play as a caster-Druid. The melee route is perhaps made easier by the nagaji STR boost.

Naga shape won't necessarily be optimal for combat, but taking abilities like detect thoughts and charm can give you out of combat options.

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