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One of my players in my Mythic campaign would like to take the leadership feat so that her character's brother can adventure with her. She is currently level 10 mythic tier 4, while he is level 15 mythic tier 3.

The rules for Leadership (written as it is) only counts character level, and confusingly there is a path ability that gives you Leadership and adds your mythic tier to your Leadership score.

The thing that she has noticed is that when she is actually able to get him as a cohort (17th level) she will likely be 7th or 8th tier. Her CR is 20-21 while his will be 15. The Leadership feat, currently, does not account the increased CR of a character with Mythic tiers, so how should this be handled?

If she takes Leadership, we are pretty sure that if we only count character level into what kind of cohort you get will make any cohort you bring into your mythic challenges will be blood-dust very quickly or will be over-powered.

On the flip side, if the character is two character levels below you but has a greater mythic tier than you do, then you have an overwhelming ally.

Should Leadership in Mythic games base the leadership score and cohort access on character level or the character's CR?

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For leadership with mythic cohorts I would use PC CR minus 3 as a cap. With a soft rule that the cohorts mythic tier level cannot be above that of the PC and the HD of the cohort must be 2 less than the PC.

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I ruled this way:
Max effective cohort level = effective PC level -2.
Max cohort mythic tier = PC mythic tier -1
Effective level = level + half mythic tier.
Additionally, any character with a mythic tier automatically gets the "special power" bonus and very likely the "great renown" bonus too.

That allowed a 13th level character with 2 mythic tiers to have a succubus (treated as level 12) as a cohort.
And the 13th +2 paladin of the party to have a champion pegasus (treated as level 6 +2 for champion) paladin 4 as a mount.

Now I'm just waiting to see how those characters and their cohorts will behave...

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I like these answers, thanks guys!

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