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For those characters that wish to venerate minor deities, archdevils, demon lords, qlippoth lords, empyreal lords, horseman, elemental lords, the eldest (and so on), what inquisitions, if any, are legal for play?

On page 41 of Ultimate Magic it states that the Conversion Inquisition is available to "Any deity." Now in Faiths & Philosophies the Excommunication, Redemption, and Reformation Inquisitions are listed without any deities. The only source I've seen to exclude specifics. Currently the Additional Resources page states "Inquisitions: all inquisitions on page 23 are legal for play" in regards to Faiths & Philosophies. So, am I interpreting it correctly that these four inquisitions are legal, and perhaps the only legal Inquisitions, for PFS characters of all non-major deities?

I've found this discussion to be the only one relevant and can locate no other helpful information.

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Perhaps you could convince James Jacobs to write up a blog post for Inquisitions similar to this one for subdomains. He maintains an active presence in this thread. He may clarify for you what his intentions were for Inquisitions, but know that that thread isn't PFS rules binding so you may find GMs who will challenge what he tells you there. A blog post would be rules binding.

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