[PFS] Thematically appropriate spells for my tiefling abyssal sorcerer


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My character is a first level sorcerer with the abyssal bloodline, demon-spawn tiefling. She has clear succubus ancestry. I want her to have the kind of spells demon have (as spell-like abilities), and play on the strength of the abyssal bloodline.
The character has won enough experience to get to second level, so I can rebuild her.
One of the focus of the bloodline is summons (because of the bloodline ability that gives them DR level÷2/good). It makes sense to take Summon Monster I, but to switch it at level 6 because the character will have Summon Monster II and III at that point.
I took Mage Armor but there is no demon with that spell. My thinking was that the character would use her claws or a longspear to fight or aid another, and would need some form of protection.
I was thinking of taking Vanish because some demons have Invisibility (that I plan on getting). It can also be useful when summoning to stay invisible but that will only be useful at third level (one standard to cast Vanish, then Summon Monster is 1 round).
Charm Person seems to be a fit, but it would be another spell to switch once the character has Charm Monster.
I also like Break, a spell from the APG that allows to break an object. I goes well with Shatter SLA the demon-spawn get instead of Darkness.
For higher level spells, I’m fine, it is mainly 1st level and cantrip that cause me trouble.

For cantrips, I went for Detect Magic (some demon have it constant I think), Detect Poison (no demon has it but they have an immunity to it, it made sense somehow), Mage Hand (many demons have telekinesis), Read Magic (the character has no rank in Spellcraft/UMD, so without it she won’t use any scroll). I also considered Bleed for the character, but I don’t see any use for that spell. Touch of Fatigue might be useful to her. I’m a bit lost at what cantrips would be appropriate.

For the feat, I went to Fiend Sight that gives the character low-light vision on top of 120 foot darkvision. It can be taken another time to get See In Darkness, and I was planning of getting it at 3rd level. The problem is that it is more devil themed (devils all have See in Darkness), and it does not seem that useful to the character.
I was thinking of taking Arcane Strike. I fear it will be of moderate use at higher level. I was planning to only get Spell Focus(Conjuration) and Augment Summoning at level 7 (one as normal feat, the other as bloodline bonus feat). Skill Focus (Intimidate) could be of use for the character’s only skill; but it is a skill with limited use.

The character is from Jalmeray, because it is indicated as a region for tiefling and for the Secrets of the Impossible Kingdom that allowed me to pick a spell and give it a +1 CL (for two rounds Summon Monster I). It is also a center for Nethys faith. I’ll gladly switch the trait for something more useful. I think there is a trait that boosts fiendish animals but you need to be from Cheliax or chelaxian (I don’t have the book). I don’t mind rewriting that part of the character.

I don’t want to change the character’s theme; more trying to find options for her.

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You could take Infernal Healing, though it is a bit more devil than demon. Just call it Abyssal Healing for fluff (and nothing else). Armor of the Pit is a good feat for tieflings, and it could buff your flat-footed to make you a tad less squishy. Also, off topic, does your character have Haramaki Armor? It is 3gp for a free +1 armor bonus with no penalties anywhere. Since you are summoning focused, I would focus on getting augment summoning at some point if you summon meat-shields.

Charm person is definitely appropriate for succubus ancestry, as you're aware, and you wouldn't get charm monster till level 8 anyways, 2/3 of the way through your PFS career.

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