INVICTACON 2013 – Porto , Portugal

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Grand Lodge 4/5

INVICTACON 2013 – Porto , Portugal

Next October , days 4, 5 and 6 , the PATHFINDER LODGE PORTUGAL will be co-organizing the INVICTACON 2013.

This is a National CON on it´s 7th edition. It has been mainly a Boardgames Convention , but in the last years , the RPG community has been participating in it , being the culmination of this growing partnership , this year´s edition, where we will be hosting inside the INVICTACON , the 1st NATIONAL PATHFINDER SOCIETY EVENT.

This is an Official and sponsored Event by PAIZO. We will have Scenarios form the Organized Play , PATHFINDER SOCIETY , but also Modules , Kid´s Track and GM 101 and some more things still to announce.

We have big expectations for it , and have already a lot of confirmations , but we want more , so we are calling out to players from our country but also from other countries to come to our Event. We will have tables with Spanish, Russian and English GM´s , so there won´t be any language problem. We also have a lot of surprises prepared and some exclusive Scenarios to be played that can only be run in Sponsored Events .

There is no entrance fee , but to help us manage the tables , there is a GOOGLE DOC to register in:

Go to Registration InvictaCon 2013.

For those that don´t know Porto , it´s a wonderful city to visit ,that has an International Airport with flights for all over the world and low-cost carriers operating from it. It has good weather , excellent food , magnificent wine and monuments and landscapes that will stay in your memory long after you leave the country. It´s a very peaceful City , with a highly cultural activity but a low –cost lifestyle . So a wonderful place to come with your family and let them enjoy the city while you play with us.
The Event will held in one of the Town´s Library , Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett, that is built inside one of the City´s Parks , Palácio de Cristal.
Come join us.

For more information and booking , please contact :



Go to Pathfinder Lodge Portugal.

Grand Lodge 4/5

It´s next week that INVICTACON will happen.
The countdown is on , and all preparations are in place....
Just hope we get as much players as we are estimating.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Here is the Final report for our 1st Annual National Encounter , INVICTACON '13.

First, let me remind you that we are talking of a different "gaming reality" , in regards to the US. So please keep that in mind...

Nevertheless, It was all that we could hope. And more...

The numbers:

We had more 100 visitors playing in our area of the CON.

We had 70 different players playing in PATHFINDER SOCIETY registered games.It included SIEGE OF DIAMOND CITY ,DAY OF DEMON , THORNKEEP , 5-01 , 5-02 and other Scenarios. We registered 21 new players in PFS.

We ran 10 times our 30 minute DELVE ( demonstration ) at the entrance to our gaming area.

We ran 1 Kid´s Track Table , GM´ed by a 12 year old GM.

We had 1 GM 101 Table.

We had 15 persons playing PATHFINDER ADVENTURE CARD GAME.

With all of this , we can only consider this a success , and hope next year , with the help of Mike Brock , we can reach higher numbers and bring more players from other European Countries, that i know will come with Mike´s presence.
And of course , during this year , we will try to maintan and increase our player base.

You can check up on this in the Photos in our Facebook page :


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