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"Prince of Demons" contains an extensive set of criteria and list of possible options and sidequests that the characters can undergo for the - eventual - purpose of powering-down Demogorgon so the PCs can take him on pre- or early-epic. Without this, in the original system, he was a CR 32 threat that could easily trounce a team of 20th-level (or higher!) heroes singlehandedly. However, today was released a ruleset allowing PCs to take on monsters of that kind of caliber without relying on extensive epic-level advancement, and thanks to the blog and Wrath of the Righteous we have a solid foundation for the expectations of dealing with Demon Lords.

SO. What are some ideas for Mythifying Savage Tide?

(Note that it's been quite some time since I read through STAP extensively, so my memory may be subpar.)

I'd say the optimal place for the PCs to pick up their first dose of Mythic power is the Shrine to Demogorgon in Chapter Four, with the battle against Olangru and the Lemorian Golem as the capstone that gives them their abilities. However, if you wanted to introduce the power sooner, you could tie it to the Idol of Camazotz in Chapter Three, or even go back to Chapter Two and have them pick up Mythic somehow during the investigation of Kraken's Cove and the Savage Tide there. However, IMO at least, those are a bit too early and a little underwhelming for Mythic triggers, while decimating the villain's temple and destroying a golem built in his image pretty much screams the perfect opportunity.

Defeating Vanthus in Chapter Five is the next obvious advancement point, and the Bilewretch in Chapter Six and Cold Captain Wyther in Chapter Seven after that.

Scatter further advancement points through the Abyss after that (navigating Divided's Ire and nixxing Vanthus for good for starters; after that, negotiating with Iggwilv, Charon, Red Shroud, Ahazu, Shami-Amourae, Orcus, Malcanthet, and many others are all notable points, as are defeating/negotiating with Demogorgon's generals), and heck just scattering a few through the last chapter for successfully invading Abysm as needed. In a few months, thanks to Wrath, we'll have an example of how it looks to sic a level-20/tier-10 party on a full Demon Prince, and can use that as a guide for how an encounter with a non-debuffed Demogorgon should go.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Alternatives? =)

A part of me wishes to fully incorporate Mythic Adventures for my STAP group, but it would feel too much like I'm being a GM who has to play with the latest toy, ;)

At being said, I think that I will incorporate Mythic Adventures in the last few chapters of the STAP because it will feel more appropriate and give the campaign that old Planescape feel once they're exploring the lower Planes. Not everything is going to be mythic but I can certainly use them to make ho-hum encounters (Wells of Darkness, I'm looking at you) memorable without having to replace the critters with more complex and higher CR-leveled creatures.

St. Kargoth will definitely be mythic. Spawns of Demogorgon, the Demon Princes, and similarily legendary/mythically-entrenched figures will have that mythic hallmark.

CB out.

I completely support making some of the final villains in the Savage Tide mythic, even if you do not allow your PCs to do so.

I am using mythic to cover post 20 levels, so I will definitely be employing it for the PCs. There are a few good points to use for the apothesis, if you don't simply give it to the players at the onset. From Chapter 9 on, you start meeting a lot of heavies. Either after a combat or encounter with them, an apothesis moment makes sense.

I have my own moment already planned out, though I can't share it since my players sometimes try to read these boards...

Welp, shows what happens when I don't check this forum for a month =)

Feel free to PM me if you like Kain, now I'm curious.

Heh heh. Funny that time span you mention...

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