fun idea, input wanted (daggers, telekinesis, enchantments)

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Let me preface this by saying, I believe this idea is over the top, but I want to see how effective I can make it. One of those moments where your gm says "you are doing what?!?"

In the campaign I am in, I have a blaster wizard, currently level 5. looking ahead I see that I will get telekinesis eventually, and this campaign I expect will go 15+.

So I was toying around with the idea of using telekinesis to hurl 15 gargantuan arrows with some enchantments, but I came across a better idea.

Hurling daggers enchanted with Spell Storing using Telekinesis

With that as a preface, I am trying to find the most effective way of doing this. The effectiveness I think will be measured in damage, accuracy, spell effect, and cost. (any ideas of other things are welcome)

Damage:From what I could find, raising the size category of a weapon doubles it's cost and weight. A medium size dagger costs 2 gold, weighs 1 lb, and does 1d4 damage (crit 19-12x2) a Colossal dagger costs 32 gold, weighs 16 lbs, and does 3d6 damage. 15 of these would cost me 480g

Accuracy: Telekinesis states "You must succeed on attack rolls (one per creature or object thrown) to hit the target with the items, using your base attack bonus + your Intelligence modifier." I am not sure whether or not enchantments on the weapons will modify this roll, or feats (pointblank shot, weapon focus dagger)
At level 16, lets say Int is at 32 (20 base +4 stats, +2 tome, +6 headband) BaB + INT would give me +19 to hit. Can I increase this in any way? If weapon enchantments add to this, +4 from casting greater magic weapon would be helpful. I think accuracy is my greatest weakness here, the more hits I can get the better.
Pale green Ioun stone would give +1 competence, good for more than just this.

Spell Effect: This is where it becomes really interesting. Each dagger can have spell storing, which allows you to release the spell upon damaging the creature. Which spell effects would be best? Fireball centered on the creature seems like a fun idea, another idea would be
Touch of idiocy: 1d6 penalty to wis/cha/int, stacks with itself, hit anyone with 5-10 of these, opens them up for failed saving throws, cripples all casters.
Spell Storing states you can store a spell up to 3rd level. since metamagic (besides heighten) do not change the level of a spell, it opens up more options; persistent Touch of idiocy to lower their will, persistent unprepared combatant, than dazing widened fireball...

Cost: As stated earlier, the 15 daggers would cost roughly 480 gold, They would need at least a +2 enchantment cost (+1 bonus and Spell Storing). looking at 4000 craft cost per dagger, or 60k for this, but once you have the daggers they can be reused.

Anyways, I know it is a silly idea, but I can't wait to pull it off and then see it banned from the table. I'm looking for suggestions on improving this idea, or if it is not allowed for some reason, let me know why and I'll try to fix it.

You wouldn't want to spend that much on a bunch of nukes unless they had immunity to their energy sources. But, if you did, then change the energy types on the fireballs stored to be spread out. Throw a Toppling Magic Missile on one. Just be careful not to overuse it, or you could end up sitting in an antimagic field for a while.

Any feat that would govern ranged accuracy would cover this. Question is, with so many feats and so much more character development to go, how much are you going to invest on this one spell?

I'm not sure if I would want to invest many feats, as I don't think it would be a reacurring event.

With +19 to hit, the average ac of cr16 monster is 29, I just thought of greater heroism, +4 to hit puts me hitting about 75% of the time, so 10/15 hits is fine.

Being admixture I can change the fireballs to be whatever I need, which would be pretty amusing. Toppling seems fun, but if it succeeded I would than be giving the target +4 ac vs ranged attacks.

I was trying to think of ways to boost + Hit, so far I thought of

Size bonus: If I can get permanent polymorph, I can get a +4 or +8 size bonus to attack rolls. I always thought it would be fun to polymorph my familiar into a elf, polymorph my wizard into an imp or something, and have us appear to switch roles.

+1 Competence bonus with a cracked green Ioun stone would be very helpful all around for ray spells and this.

Heroism/greater would give +2/+4 Morale bonus, not sure if this can be relied to be on, probably the lesser one, just because it lasts so long. (extend rod, caster level 15, 5 hour buff)

I think I can rely on having Haste up at this point, either with a spell or boots of haste.

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