Qadira Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon


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Arodus, 4713

Fellow Entrepreneur,

Despite its rich markets and the ravenous appetite for exotic goods, I am comforted to think that this is the last that I shall see of Varisia for a long while. I often mentioned my homeland when greeting local merchants, but instead of prompting curiosity or hospitality, being the direct representative of a nation seemed to establish me as an invader who had designs to carve up the region for Qadira’s benefit. Fortunately the dwarves of Janderhoff were not so easily ruffled, and I suspect the first caravans shall arrive in Katheer in another month. You played an instrumental role in securing this trade route, and the entire empire thanks you.

Being viewed askance for being a foreign agent in a distant land is nothing new, and several regions—particularly those dominated by our competition—have often restricted Qadiran shipments. Thus far we have fought every competitor, rarely showing any willingness to shake a hand over anything but a transaction. The crusaders of Mendev, who accept soldiers of any background and train them to work together, might serve as an example for us. Let us build friendships and alliances with one or more powerful trade partners.

I am sending agents throughout the Inner Sea, but we have a history together that I shall honor; I trust your logic and intuition more than most, and it will be your opinion that helps to shape the future of our faction’s economic might. If a prospective trade partner seems a good fit, court that organization as best you can. If someone offers to ally with us whom you believe unsuitable, I trust you to reject him or her politely.

To our shared fortunes,
Trade-Prince Aaqir al’Hakam

The Exchange

Trade-Prince al'Hakam,

I assure you that you may count on me. Hold faith: We shall dominate the entirety of the Inner Sea in time through strict adherence to the Prophecies; it could not be otherwise.

Kaleb of Joshua

The Exchange

Honored Trade-Prince,

I am always on the watch for profitable trading partners, both for my own humble interests and for the good of our faction as a whole. I am particularly interested in attending the banquet of Michellia and Damian Blackros - their wedding proved to be an opportunity to develop all manner of interesting contacts.


The Exchange

Trade-Prince al'Hakam,

I thank you for your letter as it reaches me whilst I travel to Mendev and then Neshen willing , the road to the Worldwound beckons

I have been a member of the society for only a little time, but in that time I have seen much that points to the fact that dangerous times are upon us. Whilst I am no merchant and would never claim to be one, I can only act in good faith and hope that my nature and deed reflect well on both you and the order which has trained me for things to come.

Nasim Bel Akil,
First Lash of Neshen,
Member of the Order of the Desert Lash

The Exchange

The hulking, turbaned "caravan guard" tells the scribe "to write somethin' good" in response to the Trade Prince's missive. "I need to tell him stuff like:

To the most honored Trade Prince Sir highness Sire Sahib highness Sir,

I am just a humble caravan guard workin' to help with your most profit-makin' ideas, and I'll keep tryin' to figure the best ways to work with all of those northern types. There are lots of possible markets up there, an' no doubt 'dose crusaders fightin' so hard will need lots of stuff. As we help our buddy Pathfinders do the society explorin', we sure should find ways to help make... ummm... yeah... "mutually beneficial exchanges" by findin' out about folks and talkin' to em and maybe tellin' about how good Qadrian stuff is.

Just gotta say watch out for those brutes in Belkzen. Dey may got stuff to trade, but ya' need to show 'em who is boss or dey will slit your throat.

From Darius da half-breed bastard, former guard of desert caravans now with the Pathfinders, just back from explorin' Belkzen and other nasty places"

After patiently listening, the scribe hired by the Half-Orc deftly sends a formal note:

To the most honorable Trade-Prince Aaqir al’Hakam,

I have received your most welcome and potentially profitable directive, and will humbly strive to spread the true benefits of Qadrian trade while providing faithful service to the Pathfinder Society.

Your humble servant,
Darius Gulzaar

After reading and signing the note, Darius nods, knowing hiring the scribe was money well spent.

Liberty's Edge


The Exchange

I have had the opportunity to attend the festivities hosted by Lady Michellia and Lord Damian Blackros, and submit the following report.

Report written with elegant and precise penmanship, neatly folded, and sealed:

Honored Trade-Prince,

Let me begin with the positives. While one of my companions was slightly excessive in setting off a fireball in the Blackros wine cellar, we were able to acquit ourselves well, and prevent demonic meddling from ruining the event. I believe that I have further improved my relationship with the newlywed couple, which was already positive after the events surrounding their wedding a few months ago. The Blackros family are influential in Absalom, and beyond, and their friendship will prove invaluable to any business ventures in that city.

While mingling with the party guests, I was also able to make the acquaintance of Scion Lord Kerkis, the Lord Exchequer of the Absalom Mint. Surely I do not need to spell out the significance of an ally with the ability to literally create money.

However, as an honest emissary of the Qadiran Trade Empire, I must report my failings as well as my successes. If, in the future, you hope to negotiate any trade dealings with the Andoran lumber magnate, Senator Augustyn Naran, I humbly request that you send someone other than me. In my dealings with the Senator, I found him to be crass, boorish and un-swayed by either charm or reasoned argument. After speaking with his lady wife, it took all of my diplomatic restraint to be civil towards the man for the remainder of the evening.

On the other hand, I did enjoy a pleasant conversation with Senator Naran's young wife. If she outlives him and inherits his business interests, she may well listen favorably to my business advice, which would be beneficial to all involved. If the gods have any sense of justice, this will come to pass speedily, but the universe does not always deal with us fairly.

I shall remain vigilant for other profitable trade opportunities as I pursue my Pathfinder duties.



The Exchange

Honored Trade Prince and Faction Members,

I have seen very little contact from many within the faction for sometime. I know that many of us are busy at the tasks of running successful businesses. I have recently joined the faction and society as a whole, and i wish to not step on another's toes... perhaps we should craft a trade commission of sorts. This will prevent us from over taxing each others resources and put our time to the best use?

I thank you and remain,
Urah Burntheart

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