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Hello my name is logan and we have encountered an issue doing our game play. I decided to go out and buy a dwarven Longhammer for our game last night and wen the whole night using it. However one of our character brought up an intresting point a little while ago and was wondering if anyone could help me with this dilema. I am a Dwarven Lion Shaman(Druid) lvl 2 using a Dwarven Longhammer. Is it plausible that i can use this weapon or no because im a druid(since druids aren't proficient in martial weapons)

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Any character can use any weapon, however if they aren't proficient with the weapon, they take a -4 to hit with it. However, you are not proficient. Dwarves have the ability to treat weapons with "dwarven" in their name as martial weapons for the purpose of proficiency. A druid is not proficient in martial weapons, thus this doesn't help you, unless you later gain proficiency in martial weapons (by taking a level in fighter for example). Until then, you can continue to wield the weapon, but you take a -4 on all attack rolls with it.

You need a feat to wield it without taking the -4 nonproficiency penalty.

I should also say its a Masterwork Dwarven Longhammer

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If you take Martial Weapon Proficiency Dwarven Longhammer, you can wield it with no penalty (Its only martial for dwarves). Or you could take a 1 level dip in fighter, gain proficiency with heavy (Hide) armor and all martial weapons, a bonus to fort saves and a bonus to your BAB along wiht a feat. But yes, you do take the -4 penalty before you gain proficiency.

Master work does not matter, you still need the feat to not take penalties. All master work does is give a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

So you have only a -3: -4 from nonproficiency, +1 from masterwork :-)

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