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Sovereign Court

Hello fellow countrymen! I am excited to once again highlight the military strength of Taldor on such a huge stage as the crusades of Mendev. However, I have never been to Mendev - does the Taldan military already have operations in Mendev or are they forming a base now? If I were to recruit someone on my travels, where should I send them?

Looking forward to singing about our collective triumph,
Iacobus Higgenstrom

Sovereign Court

I've read a bit of parlor entertainment called the worldwound gambit. It describes a Taldan influence in several communities in which the the lead rascal and his merry band happen to visit. Although I've not been there myself (it is a dreary place.) I would expect the towns to be a compilation of a multitude of cultures driven by a common goal. That goal mainly to reap the rewards of various ill advised persons heading towards the chaos of the wound itself.

I would guess a flow of commerce goes two ways. Towards the wound - military equipment and from the wound - rings, oddities, cash used to trade in lieu for equipment. I'd daresay (*cough*) my last escape took the adventuring spring from my step. I may consider to join in a lark or two in future, but the crusade is not my cup of tea (or rum.)

Sovereign Court

Iacobus Higgenstrom wrote:
If I were to recruit someone on my travels, where should I send them?

Up Taldor!

If no other of the Empire's forces are willing to take the troops you raise (or the bodies of the enemies of the Empire that you slay), you and yours are always welcome as volunteers in the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment!

The Right Honorable Lady Lillebryst MacFaileas, Visbaronetess of Bordell-on-Jalrune, Corvette Captain of His Majesty's Zimar Corsairs, Colonel of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment, Gythia of the Sacred Sting, Dragonslayer, Husmær of the Ulfen Guard, Member of the Lion Blades, Companion of House Avenstar

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