Need a hand free to use Fire Bolt?

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The cleric's Fire Domain grants the spell-like ability: Fire Bolt. Normally, SLAs do not have any components, so I would think this would not require a free hand to use. However, the flavor text indicates the fire is unleashed from an "outstretched hand". Personally, I'd think the flavor text is just flavor and doesn't actually supersede the normal rules for casting, but I'm seeing plenty of room for this to go either way. So which is it?

So far, I'm having my cleric use the ability with a lit torch in hand, saying that's the hand the fire comes from (appearing as if he's flicking it from the torch).

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It says it is unleashed from your outstretched hand, but it doesn't say from what part of your outstretched hand. Therefor you could say mechanically it comes from the back of your hand or the side while you are holding it, but flavor-wise it appears as if you fling it from a torch.

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