Making the most of Courageous


when playing a Barbarian courageous is about the best thing to get on your weapon. It increases every morale you have so I want to have as many as I can.

rage gives
strength bonus
con bonus

superstitious gives
to every save

Any ideas how to get more Morale bonus

like to


or really any thing else.

Shadow Lodge

Have a caster cast something with a morale bonus. For instance Aid. The STR. bonus is a bonus to attack and damage and the CON bonus is a bonus to HP.

EDIT:Make the weapon +x Furious Courageous to get more enhancement bonus.

Aid. Heroism (and its greater counterpart). Bless. Some Bard buffs.

Sovereign Court

Have a friendly bard/cleric cast:
bless, heroism/good hope etc.

If you can afford it, grab a Lord's Banner (of Victory). It's basically a permanent Heroism spell for any ally that can see the banner.

Maybe convince all party members to contribute towards the purchase of the banner, since it would benefit everyone.

There's also the barbarian rage power, Surprise Accuracy that grants a morale bonus to hit.

There's also a feat that grants a morale bonus to hit and damage when you are fighting alone. Can't remember the name of the feat.

Just look at AmBarbarian's guide. the thread is as helpful as the guide.

The 4th level spell "dance of a hundred cuts" has a morale bonus to AC, atk, and damage. Furious courageous weapon can get you a +3 to all morale bumps, including damage from this spell.

Dance of a hundred cuts is a personal-range bard spell, so he can't benefit from it.

Get a wand of it then.

And then he either has to invest ranks in UMD, which relies on what should be a dump stat for him, or ask someone else to use it on him, at which point he should just get a bard.

Evangelist Cleric of Ragathiel (Destruction/Rage domain/subdomain) with the Flagbearer and Eldritch Heritage (Imperious) line of Feats, along with a Courageous, Furious Longspear with the Banner of the Ancient Kings affixed to it (aka Sir Edward of Izzard, the Imperious Flagbearer).

"We stole countries with the cunning use of flags! Yeah, just sail around the world and stick a flag in."

If he has an intelligent headband, he can have up to 3 new skills that act as class skills, and they will have ranks matching his level. At even mid levels most characters find a way to get UMD or someone to help them out and do it for them if they can. Besides even a barbarian, human, that dumps INT to 7, will still have 3 ranks per level. Perception, survival, and a floating skill to use for 1 offs and the like is fine.

Also, traits give a way to get UMD, so even then, that's a +1 trait bonus, and a class skill now giving +3= +4 not including ranks, even of 1, and penalties, which would probably be -2. So your looking at a +3 even at first level.

Either way, heroism and grtr. Heroism are still excellent boosts.

Edit: I guess it's different for me in my group because the DM allows potions to go for any level, not just 1-3. So it makes it easier for us.

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