Repercussions for Foresaking a Goddess (Spoilers)

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I recently started running RotRL, and I have one person in the campaign who came to the table with a cleric of Lamashtu. When I read her backstory, I thought it was an interesting choice given the events of the first book and thought maybe she knew something about it. It turned out that she knew nothing about Lamashtu's ties to the book and her reasoning for worshipping Lamashtu was really simple (I think it had to do with the favored weapon or something). So, I thought it would be fun to play it out and see how it went.

She's been very secretive with the rest of the group about her deity. She doesn't openly display a holy symbol (only tattoos). I've given her bonuses to recognize things related to Lamashtu, and she's used her information to help the party (don't drink the water!)

We finished up Thistletop last night, and when we got to Nualia, I told her that she should be feeling very conflicted because Nualia is clearly a faithful worshipper of Lamashtu. She stayed out of the room until the final round of the battle (because she knew Nualia would be gunning for her is she saw her), and only healed her allies. She never did an offensive action against Nualia. But I told her when it was over that Lamashtu saw it all.

What are some good things I can do in the next chapter to have Lamashtu punish her? I know I can have her powers go away. I'm looking for some more fun or creative things that can happen. Thoughts?

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Why would Lamashtu care? Obviously Nualia wasn't strong enough. Lamashtu's monsters regularly fight one another. So do her worshippers, I'm sure.

Still, you could have her cut off from all clerical spells as a result and have to find a new deity. It could even make for an interesting revelation by the player that she'd lost her abilities because of the fight with Nualia.

Punish her? Why? She was instrumental in exposing a weak follower. No, Lamashtu would REWARD her.

Feeling conflicted? Worshipping a CE demon goddess? I'm assuming she's a CN cleric?

By "asking" her to care for the goblin children and survivors... after all, she proved herself smarter than the other one... whose name lamashtu has probably already forgotten.

By "Asking",I mean "Asking" like the Godfather makes "Offers".

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Lamashtu would reward her for hiding in the hallway and healing and helping the people who were killing the woman doing her work?

I'm sure Lamashtu enjoys watching bloodshed, but probably not at her expense. The party this cleric belongs to was hindering Lamashtu's work.

And yes, she is CN and a positive energy cleric. The only reason I know that she is not a good aligned cleric is because I read it in her back story. She plays her character about as good aligned as she can.

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Strip her of power then. Simple as that. She can always try to find another deity. I hear there's someone who's really into redemption who's a sucker for cases like this... ;)

Oh, yes, THAT one, lol.
Maybe if the player isn't comfortable with her alignment, then she should change it. I mean, what's the point in being CE if you're going to feel guilty afterwards?
I'm pretty sure Lamashtu doesn't care at all about her followers' lifes, nor the plans they have. I'm sure she was pleased with the offer Nualia made to burn Sandpoint, but it went wrong? Meh. I believe the chaotic factor resides just there. But again, you could take her powers, and let her choose another deity.

You houseruled, it seems... as a cleric of Lamashtu would not get positive energy channels (Diety is evil, only negative energy channelling allowed)

But yes, if she were worthy of Lamashtu, Nualia would have proven herself smarter and/or more powerful. (Chaotic evil goddess who's a former demon lord. If you are not useful, you're food)

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A small curse. Perhaps one of her features becomes more monsterlike ( which results in a permanent charisma loss of one or two points when dealing with humans. Loss of spells granted by Lamashtu. The character would either have to redeem herself back into Lamashtu's favor by completing a special mission or quest in order to regain Lamashtu cleric status and resultant spells , or find a new religion altogether ( which also might involve a quest ). I would imagine that gods find apostacy , especially by their own clerics, a serious offense.

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I don't think making her more monster-like would be a curse to a Goddess of Monsters. That's a blessing for her.

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Very true. If I were to punish her for her transgressions, I'd probably hit her with a different curse. She's now infertile. Since part of the Lamashtan dogma is the fecundity of life, being unable to conceive would be a hard blow. If you're feeling *especially* cruel, have her dream that Lamashtu herself visits and slashes at her stomach. The strike passes through her, keeping her flesh intact, but it's painful nonetheless.

Sometime later, she finds out she's pregnant.

It's a test of her faith, of course. If she aborts the pregnancy, then she's saying she's not worthy of Lamashtu's favor. The demoness removes her ability to call upon her for divine aid. If, however, she takes the child to term, she gives birth to a perfectly healthy and normal child. This should come to a shock, especially if they learned that Nualia miscarried, as the creature that was growing within her was twisted and malformed. Again, Lamashtu wants to see what your priestess will do with this child. If she keeps it, then the goddess will still be displeased. After all, she chose not to bless the child with deformity. If she gives it away, then Lamashtu's displeasure would lessen. It's not the ideal answer, but at least the priestess knows she shouldn't keep it.

Of course, in order to fully restore Lamashtu's faith in her servant, she should sacrifice the child upon the nearest altar. But, then, your priestess isn't a CE psychopath, so I suspect that won't quite happen. If your player balks at this, remind them that they chose to worship the CE deity, and they signed up for this abuse!

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I am both disturbed & highly in agreement with Misroi's ideas & wish to hear more...

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