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The Masters of Golarion have assembled. They are ready to take on the forces of evil, Sallying forth, the are about to embark on an epic journey, when... time simply stops.

We have characters made, and were on the verge of starting the game, when our GM vanished without warning or trace. All our work, preparations, and discussion, gone to waste. We are dying to play these characters, but need someone to help us make this a reality.

The players/characters are as follows:

Pirate playing Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe, a chivalrous Halfling Cavalier (beastrider), the epitome of valor packed into a small frame.

Grand Moff Vixen playing Katja, a benevolent Silver Dragon with an invested interest in mortal life.

aceDiamond playing Jacob Radigan, a Human Sorcerer and expert crafter, owner of the greatest magic shop in all of Golarion.

fnord72 playing Validk Ghujod, a shapeshifting Wizard, creator of a fortress like demiplane, our extra-dimensional base of operations.

Gobo Horde has shown interest as a player as well, but is as of this moment undecided on a character.

The above characters were created using the following rules:

Creation Rules we used wrote:

Use HD or CR whichever is higher plus class level, not to exceed 25
25 pt build
2 traits
any race/class
Monster races ok,
No 3rd party
Templates on player races only
Epic progression as noted on d20pfsrd
Leadership cohort/followers equipped from player funds
Wealth = 1,505,000 gold
Characters crafting their own gear uses craft cost to reach WBL
Characters can craft for other characters, but the character getting the item pays 75% cost instead of 50%
Crafting must be completed by a character, not by cohorts/npcs.
Crafting is per Core rules.

Our former GM also made a FAQ DOC for mainstreaming all of our questions, located HERE.

The original game is located HERE.

As the game itself did not officially begin, there is still plenty of opportunity to shape the game, and there is still flexibility in how it will all work. We are simply really enthusiastic about the possibility of this game and these characters. Alas, we are now in need of some wonderful person willing to help us out by taking the mantle of GM.

I don't want to speak for all of us, but I'm fairly sure that we all would be more than happy to answer questions and/or give more details about whatever you may want to know, and be flexible with how our characters were created if some of the creation rules are not something you are comfortable with (at least, I am willing). The main thing we're looking for is a game with actual epic level characters that is a healthy blend of playstyles (aka: not only combat, nor only intrigue and politics, but a mix of the two, perhaps leaning away from combat without ignoring it completely).



Ya, Crash/Gobo Horde here.
My character got voted against (wanted to play an asterion) and I had a real hard time creating something new, what with the percieved lack of intrest from the GM. If this thing is willing to start up again, I am more than willing to build up someone for it :)
I also just finished building up a monstrous 20th level Gestalt character (found Here) so I both have the time needed now and good experience building high end characters :)
I would love it if someone answered the call XD
BTW I also am very malable when it comes to shaping the game or rules or even in helping out with world/rules creation if that is needed. Feel free to ask!

I, for one, would really like to get this game on the road.

I would like to throw my hat it as a potential GM. I've never run a pbp, so I might need some help setting up a place for maps and stuff. I am a longtime GM.

My take on games at this level is that the characters are basically superheroes and have to take a lot of the direction of their careers on their own. As a GM, it is almost impossible to force characters at this level to do something a certain way because the have so many options.

I would think characters at this level would have some ideas about what they want to accomplish and that could spin up some plot ideas.

Well, before Herald disappeared, he brought up some kind of plane jumping tournament mystery fiasco. Not sure what you've got in mind, but just stating what someone else mentioned as a possible story.

As for individual drive and story, I'd think that my character, Jacob, would probably want to find new magic items to sell before his new fall line comes in. Either that or he could try searching for an artifact in hopes of reverse engineering parts of it.

So when it comes to plane jumping, what sort of feel do people prefer?

Planescape, or everyone is uber like in the 3.5 epic book, or something else?

I would prefer a story where there are some big stakes with characters this big. Threats like unwinding the universe, invasions of something from before the beginning of the universe.

On Golarion, you could have a scions of Rovagug story.

I'm pretty flexible.

Also, Crash/Gobo, I don't have any problems with an Asterion.

I actually have another campaign that involves plane hopping that would be pretty interesting as a start and then once that problem is solved we could go from there.

tumbler wrote:

I would prefer a story where there are some big stakes with characters this big. Threats like unwinding the universe, invasions of something from before the beginning of the universe.

I actually have another campaign that involves plane hopping that would be pretty interesting as a start and then once that problem is solved we could go from there.

Here is a post I made in the other thread regarding what I would like in a game such as this.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:

I like/prefer greater RP at this stage than I do at lower levels. Since we are so high level I enjoy greatly the additional opportunities that arise in a game such as this.

Less combat. While I don't want to eliminate combat or for it to be the primary focus I do enjoy combat from time to time. It would need to be minimized or special rules applied to keep it running quickly and smoothly.

Game types I am interested in (any combination of these are cool):

  • The Green Lantern core-like group
  • Political intrigue/mystery
  • Plane hopping for immortality
  • Tomb raiders

It sounds like several characters might be interested in an exploratory journey into the astral plane to find remnants of a dead god.

This would cover:
tomb raiders
aquiring new magic items/artifact
possibly immortality
Investigation/RP based solutions to ferret out where to go

Seems like that could be a really good setup. I'm not familiar with 3.5 epic play, but we did say we shouldn't use those rules or feats, as they could get nuts pretty quickly. (More so than already, at least.)

I didn't mean the rules as much as the assumption that there were extraplanar cities where every city guard was 15th level or whatever.

I tend toward planar settings where a wide variety of entities exist and where only some areas are limited to high level characters.

I might also want to bring in some older materials that might include Githyanki/Githzerai. Is that a problem for anyone?

No clue what those are, so I've got no objections. Seems like a pretty good thought process you've got.


I am a big fan of Planescape, and use it as my flavor base for multi-planar travel in my own games whenever I can. Sigil was awesome (in my opinion). Union was terrible (in my opinion).

I'm also cool with gith involvement. In fact, it could make for an interesting follow up to some of Sir Orrin's past exploits.

Some Gith lore:
And Jacob's interest in artifacts could get us in trouble with them too, should he get his hands on one of their Silver Blades. O_O

In fact, older material revisited is fantastic and something I enjoy greatly.

Even if it was just a side journey, or perhaps required to acquire some reagent (aka: the pituitary gland of a spawn of Rovogug is needed to open a portal to a specific realm that we need to get to and is normally blocked from planar travel), I would be cool with facing off against one of Rovogugs spawn. Sir Orrin would be all over facing off against one of them and trying to take it down. The classic knight vs dragon story on a whole new scale. ^_^

hm... I think I forgot to include my short form of past exploits in Sir Orrin's sheet. I'm going to put those in there now.


So this sounds like it might work, but I want to stress again that I know little to nothing about managing a pbp as far as maps, tactical maps, and those sorts of things. Would people be interested in using a Google site with images,or something like Obsidian Portal? I'm a noob at this.


I've not done many PBP's here myself (I'm only playing in 3 right now - most of my online gaming experience is actually from rondaksportal, a play-by-message-system site with some really nice features). But it seems that most here tend to use Google Docs for everything of this sort. At least, all 3 dames I'm in uses google docs for maps and the like. One allows us to edit the maps and move our own characters around, another has it as view only and moves our characters for us.

In the end, whatever is easier for you is the best bet. (It may be worth simply playing with a few options until you find one that works the best for you, is most intuitive, and just feels right)

EDIT: also, not only has Gobo offered his hand in world creating if need be, I am more than happy/willing/able to help with the creation of maps and other visual aids. I'm no photoshop master, but I do have experience and interest in image editing. Whether it be for character portraits, heraldry, landscape scenes, or battle maps. Here are some examples:

EDIT 2: I also just discovered THIS THREAD which offers tips and help with creating maps and such online. ^_^


If I might mention, I'm a big fan on how roll20 works for making maps work. The only problem is that things would need to be done in order to make them fair. But if we could schedule a time we'd all be free, we could certainly use that sort of thing as a battle map/virtual tabletop.

Just a matter of preference, but it'd be something we could use.

Yeah, that is cool although it requires real time.

I'll take a look at creating a Google site.

Technically, it updates in real time. If we went on the honor system, we could update battles one turn at a time without everyone necessarily needing to be there. In theory, at least.

aceDiamond wrote:
Technically, it updates in real time. If we went on the honor system, we could update battles one turn at a time without everyone necessarily needing to be there. In theory, at least.

That just might work. It sounds good to me.

I hadn't thought of that.

Is it possible for anyone to upload art, or only the GM?

On roll20? In my experience, only the GM.

Also, tumbler, I was curious of something. If you'd be alright with an Asterion PC, would you be okay with 3rd party spells that are still on

I'd probably want to approve them case by case. Not that I am a stickler for nitpicking 3rd party, but I know there is some stuff on there I might not want to see.

Understandable. Also, have you seen the completed characters as they are right now? What are your impressions?

Hey intrest! That makes me intrested!
As for planescape, I know nothing about that bu I do know about planes hopping, qnd if I recall, a while back I was reading up on this mysterious underlining dimention that connected them all together and was very obscurely veiled in pathfinder lore. There was a whole article about it somewhere, I will have to see if I can dig it up :)

The delving into the astral plane to find the remenants of a dead god sounds like sweet fun :D

Here is a good example of how I figure an ideal setup would be. It has links to the revelant battlemap and you can also put up a folder for any pictures or lore or anthing of the such in. One thing about it being able to be modified by all of us is that those who are good with images can help you pretty it up :)

As for the Asterion, I figure that ship has sailed :( (Sorry! Once I have an idea I stick with it, but that also means that once I drop an idea its usually gone -_-)
Having said that, what I would go with would be a barbarian Breaker 20, Oracle 5 with the wreaker curse. (I seem to have this thing about high level martials :P)
The basic premise about him is that everything around him just kinda crumbles to pieces and he is a bit of a klutz (a really strong klutz...).

Crash of The Hammer wrote:


Having said that, what I would go with would be a barbarian Breaker 20, Oracle 5 with the wreaker curse. (I seem to have this thing about high level martials :P)
The basic premise about him is that everything around him just kinda crumbles to pieces and he is a bit of a klutz (a really strong klutz...).

... Gobo, I can't help myself. Is this your character?

I have seen the characters and scanned through the initial recruitment thread.

The characters seem good to me. I think I have the beginnings of a handle on individual motivations and the group overall.

The wizard seems to be a spymaster with a worldwide information network.

I'm not sure yet whether the characters are supposed to have worked together in the past or if that has yet to be determined.

I believe that Fnord mentioned wanting to have us work together in the past. I also talked with Pirate about this and even brought up the possibility of having him count as a family member for the Family Ties drawback. However, the extent of which our characters all know each other hasn't yet been fully explored.

Hahahaha! I hadn't seen that before ^-^
I might just have to steal that ^-^


The topic of adventuring together in the past was brought up briefly, and one suggestion was to assume an Adventure Path was completed together (I think some of us were leaning towards Kingmaker), in addition to any individual links we make with each other. I'm not sure what has officially been done with this, other than the PM's ace and I have been sending talking about our characters being linked via past adventures, crafting, family, etc.

I would love to officially get more of our backgrounds intertwined in some way though. While it could happen that we have heard of each other and only just (finally) met, Sir Orrin does get around a lot (in a good way). I think it would be sweet to have at least one meeting with more of the other characters prior to the events of this game.


Something I have done before is give players the ability to evoke flashbacks. This can be a fun way to create history as we go along.

Good morning all,

As previously noted, I had placed myself as something of a spy master. I figure it makes for easy GM lead ins.

aceDiamond and I have been talking about a shared background. In addition, the demiplane I have was designed and setup for any other characters to have their own pieces of it as well.

This came from the "green lantern" idea of a bunch of superheroes that banded together to save the world and universe as needed.

I'm open to just about any game style.

If you have any suggestions or requirements regarding the rules we used to develop the characters, knowing sooner rather than later will allow us to tweak and adjust for you.

CORRECTION: rule was one template, it wasn't limited to base race.

Flashbacks would be alright, but I'd also like to have group dynamics discussed before the story starts, anyways.

I also feel that, while I've got the store owner story up, mostly the deeper business aspect is left to [AS YET UNNAMED COHORT] while Jake just works on his items. Otherwise, I see him as a blaster/nuker type of character on the field.

So is the cohort a business partner or an investor?

Validk Ghujod wrote:

If you have any suggestions or requirements regarding the rules we used to develop the characters, knowing sooner rather than later will allow us to tweak and adjust for you.

CORRECTION: rule was one template, it wasn't limited to base race.

I am fine with the character creation rules. I would be more open to third party stuff as long as it isn't fun killing.

I think the cohort was just someone who would run the numbers and keep money flowing for Jacob while he was busy getting the materials and merchandise taken care of. Lord Manticore and I said we could go for a "Level 17 Accountant" before he left.

Just to let you know, I am for sure going with a Breaker Barbarian 20, Oracle (of something) 5 with the wreaker curse. I am now trying to decide if I want to go unarmed strike (smash with fists, hulk style) or two handed weapon (thinking piston maul, get loads more damage: P).

Say, would you be alright with the Deadly Strength 3.5 flaw?
Basically I am so strong I accedently crush things I touch :P
I was also wondering about having it extend to objects as well. True overwhelming strength that accedently crushes everything. I don't even know if this would/could work. Your thoughts?
Truely I would need invulnerable adamantine gear just so it had a chance of survival :D

That seems like it would truly suck to have. Can't even give a hug without crushing someone's bones into dust.

reading up on these pcs, id have to throw a par a tarrasque's just to start the adventure if i was the GM. LOL

I guess, but therein lies the fun of it, I feel. Character creation alone has been a lot of coordinating, but also a lot of fun. I'm sure that attempting to set up and subsequently navigate a high powered adventure will be even more so.

So when this character walks, the ground breaks beneath his feat. He has to drink from streams or possibly from an adamantine cup. He would sometimes take a penalty to diplomacy checks in situations where someone would expect physical contact (shaking hands or something). He cannot even be in crowds of people without them being ground to paste and normal buildings and vehicles crumble after prolonged exposure. He can't ride a mount because they die under him.

I like the epic sound of this, and it offers a lot of complications. I'll let the others weigh in on whether they think it would be annoying and unfun.

When it comes to rules, my two overarching rules are don't step on other people's fun and don't break the game in a jerky way (because that ruins my fun).

The drawback sounds like it could be a lot of fun. I can't think of any particular way it would break the fun factor. It seems to be that maybe a playtest to see how it would affect the game and go from there.

Just a thought really.

So let's work on how characters have known each other in the past. I'm thinking we will kick off the campaign with a fight against one of the Spawn of Rovagug. Perhaps the PCs haven't seen each other for a while and all respond to this rampaging threat near Jacob Radigan's shop. In a sort of Avengers style "day unlike any other" they must come together to subdue the creature, knowing they cannot kill it. This will give a chance to explore some combat abilities and kick off some good RP. Also, it is a problem that can be mitigated with brute force but not solved with it.

I have a further idea there that will kick off the quest for immortality that I don't want to spoil yet. Maybe the characters haven't spent too much time yet on other planes, even though they had the ability.

Alright, just curious about something, though. What exactly constitutes as an epic weapon for overcoming DR?

Hmmm. I guess a question would be a matter of severity. Is mere physical contact enough to make things explode or do I need to apply effort. If something was set on top of my hand for instance would it be fine?
I love the idea of the ground quaking and craking under my feet :D I hadnt thought of that :D
I imagine it would make me very easy to track and should probably impose a stealth check penalty from the sound. That and I imagine people wouldn't like me walking inside their houses ect.

I figure I would need everything I own to be crafted of adamantine or somesuch (or better yet, invulnerable adamantine) and even then I would still get wear and tear on my gear as I would also reduce its hardness by 15. I would need a magic item of some sort that can cast mending or something similar (thinking an intellegent item). This sure would add up cost wise! What do you figure price wise to Make ordinary items out of adamantine? I'm thinking something like 1,000-2,000gp per pound.
Also, for simplisitys sake, want to say cloth is exempt? (That way I can wear clothes :P something like, it is hard to crush cloth between your fingers)

The interactions between him and other people would be half the fun! A good hearty pat on the back would be a bit too hearty, a handshake might break the other persons hand and he could quite easily kill someone accidently (and the reprocussions of it will be played out). As for riding a mount, I hadn't thought of that but I guess it would come back to is mere contact (or weight) enough to cause damage?

I think it would be a real memorable character if you would be willing to work with me on it and iron out the details, it would also become extra work for you as item hps would need to be tracked :) I also think a playtest of it would be importaint and I can drop it if nessisary.


I'm all for drawbacks that can become actual drawbacks rather than something that can simply be mitigated by rules-fu, gear or magic. Having to come up with unique ways in every situation to deal with it and with it still remaining a potential issue (or going about business regularly when it suddenly reminds you of it's presence) is what makes characters truly interesting, in my opinion.

I just hope we are never in a situation where we're all knocked out except for you and you try to carry us to a healer. >_<

tl:dr - I'm cool with that drawback.

Also, curse that Special Material's section for not having an "other items #gp/lbs" entry! Curse it I say! Heck, even comparing the prices that are listed with another metal that does have a "other items #gp/lbs" entry doesn't work, as the ratios don't line up very well. However, I did figure out that if you force the relation of costs present in mithral to adamantine, the average ends up being 1527.7~ gp / lbs for adamantine stuff.


I'm curious if I could use the group as a makeshift family for the Family Ties drawback. If not, I might just go for Dependent.

Also, on that train of thought, Pirate, is anyone playing a healer?


Katja can heal, but I wouldn't assume to shoehorn anyone into a "role" like that.

Sir Orrin can use the Heal skill to treat deadly wounds (aka: very limited heading).

a "heal-bot" role isn't completely necessary... we just need to be careful is all.

Plus, Gobo might have some healing skills as well with the few levels of oracle he'll have (not necessarily though).

Investing in potions/scrolls/wands may be wise if you have money left and haven't already done so. ^_^


I didn't want to push anyone into total heal-bot territory, I just was curious how many people rolling up characters of this magnitude would know some cure spells. I did see that Katja will know Heal, so that's pretty good in case we get our butts handed to us on a silver platter by the Tarrasque-level opening encounter.

I would be up for being your brother or something AceDiamond :) I think it could even make a great fit, we both have some inate spellcasting (you have a lot), nether of us is eceptonally bright (you have 14 base, I have 10), I could see you wanting to look after your big younger brother, especially one so accident prone as me (your family ties, my wrecker curse/deadly strength), in all probability I would need help from you in some areas and would probably look up to you, besides, we both got that Radigan Charisma!

Think it could work/like the idea?

Ah yes, this is the new alias, I ended up going with the Ralph Wreaker idea, as I liked that a lot ^-^
It is currently a mish-mash of Crash, Mr. Ziggles and what changes I have done to it :P
Still working on it ^-^


Sorry, that post reads harsher than I intended it to. :p

Anyways, on the point of DR/epic, there has been much debate on this. The short answer is "enhancement bonus of +6 or higher". That is the actual enhancement bonus, not the effective enhancement bonus (meaning a +5 holy flaming other other will not cut it).

The only way to get that without using artifacts is with a +4 or +5 Bane weapon, making it +6 or +7 against a specific kind of creature. So against that type of creature only it could be considered epic. HOWEVER, one of the devs (I don't remember if it was SK or JJ) mentioned in a post a while back that that shouldn't work, however, that stance has not been applied to the FAQ, so it is still a GM call. (in my home games, I rule that it does work, but that's just me).

The only other ways to penetrate DR/epic is to be a creature with DR/epic (your natural attacks count as whatever you have DR against), or be a Paladin smiting an evil creature.


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