Europa Report


Liberty's Edge

Europa Report.

One of the finest films of its type I have ever seen. Good science, great cinematic execution, effective story.

A definite must-see.

Sovereign Court

Why all space movies got to be horror stories? At least in Sunshine we were the monsters.

Liberty's Edge

I didn't really see it as a horror film (though it definitely has a few white-knuckle moments).

It's a film that certainly addresses the dangers of exploration, sure, but it's really about the heroic lengths the crew went through to complete the mission, and their sacrifices for the sake of knowledge and science.

Sovereign Court

I may have fired from the hip only having the trailer to judge. It just seems like 2/3 space movies are about exploration that goes OMG! WTF! wrong. If there are aliens in the movie, they are psycho killers. Would love to see something like Contact. Europa report looks good enough to check out for free if I ever get the option though.

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