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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Michael Hallet wrote:

You know, I really disagree with this dynamic (and I've seen it at several tables) that as soon as one PC offers or accepts surrender, the other PCs are bound by that player's decision.

There is actually one time I said screw that and killed the prisoners anyways, knowing full well that I'd get a did evil note on my chronicle.

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Well, whats the other option? PCs can't accept a surrender unless they unanimously agree to take it? Because there's nothing the paladin can do to stop Muderhoboicus from ganking his restrained prisoners.

Well, there is *one* thing, but it is so not cooperative it isn't funny, and that's throw themselves on the restrained prisoners to force the other players to gank THROUGH them which is not allowed via the non-PvP rules.

However, at that point the table chemistry would probably so have broken down that the chronicle sheets should probably just be handed out with 0 exp, 0 pp, and 0 gold, as that table wasn't PFS agents, but a bunch of Aspis pretending to be PFS agents in a non-sanctioned scenario.

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It's rude to unilaterally make choices for the whole party.

That cuts two ways: it's rude to kill people someone else wanted to take prisoner, but it can also be rude to hold the whole party with stuff like "I just promised the guy this on behalf of the whole party, and if you guys break it I might fall from paladinhood".

It's pretty much impossible to come up with a clear guiding moral principle that works for every party everywhere. Just try to be a bit considerate of other people and come to a compromise everyone can enjoy.

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There really isn't a mechanism for diving in front of a descending kill stroke though.

So the best i can do is some semi informal maslows heirarchy of mook sorting algorithm.

Is the mook needed for a faction mission?

Did someone do the most damage to or contribute the most to taking out the mook? (I'm not going to let the paladin stop Murderhoboicus if he dealt 99 out of 100 hit points to the guy without a good reason)

WHo got the killing/dropping blow?

Did the mook do something really bad to a party member? (knock them off a cliff, turn them into a marmoset, crit their kidney...)

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